Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018

Jashpur Assembly Election Results 2018

Jashpur is an assembly constituency in Chhattisgarh. In 2018, this constituency was won by the Indian National Congress. Stay tuned with OneIndia for all the updates regarding this constituency. From campaign to election results, read all about Jashpur Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency. Find out the winners, losers, victory margin and all other details in our special page. Jashpur under Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh State.

In Jashpur seat, the total head count of voters are reported as voters, out of which are male voters and are female voters. In 2018 Chhattisgarh Assembly elections, the total percentage of voters in Jashpur Assembly Constituency was recorded as 42 percent.

In 2018, Vinay Kumar Bhagat of Indian National Congress won the seat by defeating Govind Ram Bhagat from Bharatiya Janata Party with a margin of 8 votes.


Jashpur Assembly election results (2018)

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Vinay Kumar Bhagat INC Winner 71,963 42.24% 8,026
Govind Ram Bhagat BJP Runner Up 63,937 37.53%
Pradeep Singh IND 3rd 10,646 6.25%
Nan Ram Bhardwaj IND 4th 4,784 2.81%
None Of The Above 5th 4,317 2.53%
Kripa Shankar Bhagat SP 6th 2,551 1.50%
Vishnu Ram IND 7th 2,394 1.41%
Rohit Lakra AAP 8th 2,281 1.34%
Gaganmati Bhagat BSP 9th 2,081 1.22%
Emmanuel Kerketta RPI(A) 10th 1,886 1.11%
Renuka Bhagat IND 11th 1,634 0.96%
Sukru Bhagat Bhartiya Tribal Party 12th 1,005 0.59%
Harsh Kujur BMP 13th 899 0.53%
2018 Vote share
Strike Rate
BJP 75%
INC 25%
BJP won 3 times and INC won 1 time since 2003 elections.

Jashpur Past elections

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Vinay Kumar Bhagat INC Winner 71,963 42% 8,026
Govind Ram Bhagat BJP Runner Up 63,937 38%
Rajsharan Bhagat BJP Winner 79,419 52% 34,349
Sarhul Ram Bhagat INC Runner Up 45,070 30%
Jageswar Ram Bhagat BJP Winner 64,553 50% 15,770
Vinay Kumar Bhagat INC Runner Up 48,783 38%
Raj Sharan Bhagat BJP Winner 45,295 50% 9,563
Vikaram Bhagat INC Runner Up 35,732 40%

Jashpur Polling Station Address

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