Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018

Lormi Assembly Election Results 2018

Lormi is an assembly constituency in Chhattisgarh. In 2018, this constituency was won by the Janta Congress Chhattisgarh (J). Stay tuned with OneIndia for all the updates regarding this constituency. From campaign to election results, read all about Lormi Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency. Find out the winners, losers, victory margin and all other details in our special page. Lormi under Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh State.

In 2018, Dharmjeet Singh of Janta Congress Chhattisgarh (J) won the seat by defeating Tokhan Sahu from Bharatiya Janata Party with a margin of 25 votes.Lormi Assembly constituency is falling under Bilaspur Lok sabha constituency. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Arun Sao won from Bilaspur Lok Sabha (MP) Seat with the margin of 141763 votes by defeating Atal Shrivastav from Indian National Congress.

Lormi Assembly election results (2018)

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Dharmjeet Singh JCC(J) Winner 67,742 47.00% 25,553
Tokhan Sahu BJP Runner Up 42,189 30.00%
Shatruhan (sonu) Chandrakar INC 3rd 16,669 12.00%
Lalit Sahu IND 4th 3,706 3.00%
Sanat Kumar Sahu (s/o Bhuwan Lal Sahu) IND 5th 2,526 2.00%
Tirith Ram IND 6th 1,719 1.00%
None Of The Above 7th 1,143 1.00%
Tha. Mahendra Singh Chhatri AAP 8th 1,053 1.00%
Ramkumar Ghritlahre IND 9th 941 1.00%
Sanat Kumar Sahu (s/o Banihar Sahu) IND 10th 861 1.00%
Santosh Kumar Sahu IND 11th 852 1.00%
Ramavtar Nishad Shiv Sena 12th 848 1.00%
Milau Ram Yadav SP 13th 458 0.00%
Harish Kumar Kurrey Ambedkarite Party Of India 14th 405 0.00%
Heera Singh Kashyap IND 15th 363 0.00%
Pardeshi Ram IND 16th 356 0.00%
Manoj Kumar Dhurve IND 17th 335 0.00%
Padarath Lal Sahu IND 18th 304 0.00%
Arun Kumar Banjara IND 19th 274 0.00%

Lormi Past Election Results

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Dharmjeet Singh JCC(J) Winner 67,742 47% 25,553
Tokhan Sahu BJP Runner Up 42,189 30%
Tokhan Sahu BJP Winner 52,302 40% 6,241
Dharmjeet Singh INC Runner Up 46,061 35%
Dharamjeet Singh INC Winner 48,569 44% 4,989
Jawahar Sahu BJP Runner Up 43,580 40%
Dharmjeet Singh INC Winner 47,998 41% 15,666
Muniram Sahu BJP Runner Up 32,332 28%

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