Maharashtra Election Results 2019

Murbad Assembly Election Results 2019

Murbad is an assembly constituency in Maharashtra. In 2019, this constituency was won by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Stay tuned with OneIndia for all the updates regarding this constituency. From campaign to election results, read all about Murbad Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency. Find out the winners, losers, victory margin and all other details in our special page. Murbad under Thane district of Maharashtra State.

In Murbad seat, the total head count of voters are reported as 3,91,486 voters, out of which 2,06,738 are male voters and 1,84,740 are female voters. In 2019 Maharashtra Assembly elections, the total percentage of voters in Murbad Assembly Constituency was recorded as 74.75 percent.

In 2019, Kisan Shankar Kathore of Bharatiya Janata Party won the seat by defeating Pramod Vinayak Hindurao from Nationalist Congress Party with a margin of 136040 votes.
Murbad Assembly constituency is falling under Bhiwandi Lok sabha constituency. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Kapil Moreshwar Patil won from Bhiwandi Lok Sabha (MP) Seat with the margin of 156329 votes by defeating Taware Suresh Kashinath from Indian National Congress.


Murbad Assembly election results (2019)

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Kisan Shankar Kathore BJP Winner 1,74,068 74.75% 1,36,040
Pramod Vinayak Hindurao NCP Runner Up 38,028 16.33%
Deepak Pandharinath Khambekar Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 3rd 8,504 3.65%
Nota None Of The Above 4th 6,783 2.91%
Adv.ratna Kishor Gaikwad BSP 5th 2,003 0.86%
Pradeep Govind Rokade IND 6th 1,561 0.67%
Chandrakant Bhaskar Pashte PWPI 7th 1,097 0.47%
Mayur Vinayak Yelve BMUP 8th 817 0.35%
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Murbad Past elections

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Kisan Shankar Kathore BJP Winner 1,74,068 74.75% 1,36,040
Pramod Vinayak Hindurao NCP Runner Up 38,028 16.33%
Kisan Shankar Kathore BJP Winner 85,543 0% 26,230
Gotiram Padu Pawar NCP Runner Up 59,313 0%
Kathore Kisan Shankar NCP Winner 55,830 0% 6,542
Pawar Gotiram Padu IND Runner Up 49,288 0%
Anil Deshmukh NCP Winner 75,173 0% 44,849
Shinde Satish Sunil SHS Runner Up 30,324 0%
Anil Vasantrao Deshmukh NCP Winner 42,509 0% 12,282
Virendra Kashirao Deshmukh PWPI Runner Up 30,227 0%
Deshmukh Anil Vasantrao IND Winner 29,807 0% 4,023
Virendra Kashirao Deshmukh PWP Runner Up 25,784 0%
Shinde Sunil Shamraoji INC Winner 37,597 0% 12,270
Neole Ram Mannalal JD Runner Up 25,327 0%
Shinde Sunil Alias Shivaji Shamraoji ICS Winner 38,596 0% 8,350
Shrikant Ramchandra Jichkar INC Runner Up 30,246 0%
Shrikant Ramchandra Jichkar INC(I) Winner 26,564 0% 13,675
Korde Gangadhar Kothiramji BJP Runner Up 12,889 0%
Mankar Mukundrao Govindrao INC(I) Winner 36,800 0% 14,593
Pawade Motiram Gulabrao JNP Runner Up 22,207 0%

Murbad Polling Station Address

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