Maharashtra Election Results 2019

Nashik central Assembly Election Results 2019

Nashik central is an assembly constituency in Maharashtra. In 2019, this constituency was won by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Stay tuned with OneIndia for all the updates regarding this constituency. From campaign to election results, read all about Nashik central Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency. Find out the winners, losers, victory margin and all other details in our special page. Nashik central under Nashik district of Maharashtra State.

In Nashik central seat, the total head count of voters are reported as 3,17,906 voters, out of which 1,63,629 are male voters and 1,54,272 are female voters. In 2019 Maharashtra Assembly elections, the total percentage of voters in Nashik central Assembly Constituency was recorded as 47.30 percent.

In 2019, Devyani Suhas Pharande of Bharatiya Janata Party won the seat by defeating Hemlata Ninad Patil from Indian National Congress with a margin of 28398 votes.
Nashik central Assembly constituency is falling under Nashik Lok sabha constituency. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Shiv Sena candidate Godse Hemant Tukaram won from Nashik Lok Sabha (MP) Seat with the margin of 292204 votes by defeating Sameer Magan Bhujbal from Nationalist Congress Party.


Nashik central Assembly election results (2019)

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Devyani Suhas Pharande BJP Winner 73,460 47.30% 28,398
Hemlata Ninad Patil INC Runner Up 45,062 29.01%
Nitin Keshavrao Bhosale MNS 3rd 22,140 14.26%
Sanjay Bharat Sable Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 4th 9,163 5.90%
Nota None Of The Above 5th 2,493 1.61%
Deepak Rangnath Doke BSP 6th 933 0.60%
Kanoje Prakash Giridhar Independent 7th 565 0.36%
Ajij Abbas Pathan IND 8th 533 0.34%
Kapil Sudhakar Wagh APOI 9th 391 0.25%
Devidas Piraji Sarkate IND 10th 333 0.21%
Vilas Madhukar Desale (patil) Independent 11th 238 0.15%
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Nashik central Past elections

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Devyani Suhas Pharande BJP Winner 73,460 47.30% 28,398
Hemlata Ninad Patil INC Runner Up 45,062 29.01%
Farande Devayani Suhas BJP Winner 61,548 0% 28,272
Vasant (bhau) Nivrutti Gite MNS Runner Up 33,276 0%
Gite Vasantrao Nivrutti MNS Winner 62,167 0% 31,169
Dr. Bachchhav Shobhadinesh INC Runner Up 30,998 0%
Dr. Deshmukh Sunil Panjabrao INC Winner 81,698 0% 32,263
Jagdish Gupta BJP Runner Up 49,435 0%
Dr. Deshmukh Sunil Panhjabrao INC Winner 57,270 0% 9,870
Gupta Jagdish Motilal BJP Runner Up 47,400 0%
Jagdish Motilal Gupta BJP Winner 71,845 0% 49,336
Mujaffar Ahmad Mo. Yusuf IND Runner Up 22,509 0%
Jagdish Gupta BJP Winner 35,319 0% 4,186
Pushpatai Vijay Bonde INC Runner Up 31,133 0%
Shekhawat Devisingh Ramsingh INC Winner 37,330 0% 21,718
Chandrabha Alias Chandraprabha Narendra Boke ICS Runner Up 15,612 0%
Bhuyar Surendra Chatrapal INC(I) Winner 29,712 0% 15,557
Sawalakhe Sudhakar Ramchandra INC(U) Runner Up 14,155 0%
Bhuyar Surendra Chhatrapal INC(I) Winner 38,507 0% 18,211
Munirkhan Usmankhan JNP Runner Up 20,296 0%

Nashik central Polling Station Address

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