Maharashtra Election Results 2019

Warora Assembly Election Results 2019

Warora is an assembly constituency in Maharashtra. In 2019, this constituency was won by the Indian National Congress. Stay tuned with OneIndia for all the updates regarding this constituency. From campaign to election results, read all about Warora Vidhan Sabha (MLA) Constituency. Find out the winners, losers, victory margin and all other details in our special page. Warora under Chandrapur district of Maharashtra State.

In Warora seat, the total head count of voters are reported as 2,96,273 voters, out of which 1,53,684 are male voters and 1,42,587 are female voters. In 2019 Maharashtra Assembly elections, the total percentage of voters in Warora Assembly Constituency was recorded as 34.40 percent.

In 2019, Dhanorkar Pratibha Suresh of Indian National Congress won the seat by defeating Sanjay Wamanrao Deotale from Shiv Sena with a margin of 10197 votes.
Warora Assembly constituency is falling under Chandrapur Lok sabha constituency. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Indian National Congress candidate Balubhau Alias Suresh Narayan Dhanorkar won from Chandrapur Lok Sabha (MP) Seat with the margin of 44763 votes by defeating Ahir Hansraj Gangaram from Bharatiya Janata Party.


Warora Assembly election results (2019)

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Dhanorkar Pratibha Suresh INC Winner 63,862 34.40% 10,197
Sanjay Wamanrao Deotale SHS Runner Up 53,665 28.91%
Ramesh Mahadeo Rajurkar MNS 3rd 34,848 18.77%
Amol Dilip Bawane Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 4th 11,342 6.11%
Ramesh Kawduji Meshram GGP 5th 6,388 3.44%
Dr. Vijay Ramchandra Deotale IND 6th 6,127 3.30%
Nota None Of The Above 7th 2,224 1.20%
Prashant Bhauraoji Bhadgare BSP 8th 1,999 1.08%
Dr. Ashokrao Tanbaji Ghodmare IND 9th 1,841 0.99%
Uttam Ishwar Ingole Sambhaji Brigade Party 10th 919 0.50%
Pravin Bhagwan Gaykwad IND 11th 846 0.46%
Pravin Shantilalji Surana IND 12th 665 0.36%
Ashraf Aslam Khan BVA 13th 547 0.29%
Bhaskar Parasram Dekate Republican Party of India (Social) 14th 350 0.19%
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Warora Past elections

Candidate's Name Party Level Votes Vote Rate % Margin
Dhanorkar Pratibha Suresh INC Winner 63,862 34.40% 10,197
Sanjay Wamanrao Deotale SHS Runner Up 53,665 28.91%
Suresh Alias Balubhau Narayan Dhanorkar SHS Winner 53,877 0% 2,004
Sanjay Wamanrao Deotale BJP Runner Up 51,873 0%
Deotale Sanjaywamanrao INC Winner 51,904 0% 3,740
Suresh Alias Balubhaunarayan Dhanorkar SHS Runner Up 48,164 0%
Uttam(baba) Ganpat Bhalegaon NCP Winner 50,953 0% 8,468
Kotwal Shirishkumar Vasantrao SHS Runner Up 42,485 0%
Kotwal Shirishkumar Vasantrao NCP Winner 61,333 0% 21,864
Kasliwal Jaichand Deepchand BJP Runner Up 39,469 0%
Kasliwal Jaychand Deepchand BJP Winner 45,488 0% 1,805
Kotwal Shirishkumar Vasantrao INC Runner Up 43,683 0%
Kasaliwal Jaychand Deepchand BJP Winner 39,514 0% 10,250
Kotwal Shiriskumar Vasantrao INC Runner Up 29,264 0%
Kasliwal Jayachand Deepchand BJP Winner 29,659 0% 6,038
Gaikwad Narayan Kashiram INC Runner Up 23,621 0%
Gaikwad Narayan Kashiram INC(I) Winner 22,027 0% 3,337
Thakare Narhar Karbhari INC(U) Runner Up 18,690 0%
Dawakhar Kisanrao Damodar JNP Winner 23,168 0% 2,332
Deore Gyandeo Tukaram RPI Runner Up 20,836 0%

Warora Polling Station Address

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