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Lok Sabha Election 2019
Sikkim Lok Sabha Election Result

Sikkim Lok Sabha (MP) Election 2019

Indra Hang Subba of SKM won the Sikkim Lok Sabha constituency with a margin of 12,433 votes by defeating Dek Bahadur Katwal of SDF. Indra Hang Subba who secured 1,66,922 votes. Indra Hang Subba of SKM is the incumbent MP of the Sikkim constituency.Sikkim Lok Sabha constituency falls inside the vicinity of Sikkim. Salghari-zoom (sc), Salghari-zoom (sc), Namcheybung, Chujachen, Yangthang, Upper Burtuk, Daramdin(bl), Barfung(bl), Gnathang-machong(bl), Temi-namphing, West Pendam(sc), Rhenock, Rinchenpong(bl), Poklok-kamrang, Shyari(bl), Martam-rumtek (bl), Maneybung-dentam, Namchi-singhithang, Gangtok(bl), Soreong-chakung, Rangang-yangang, Gyalshing-barnyak, Arithang, Khamdong-singtam, Yoksam-tashiding(bl), Djongu(bl), Namthang-rateypani, Upper Tadong, Lachen Mangan(bl), Melli, Kabi Lungchuk(bl), Kabi Lungchuk(bl), Tumen-lingi(bl), Tumen-lingi(bl) are the assembly constituencies factored in Sikkim Lok Sabha constituency.
This constituency has witnessed 78.81% voter turnout in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. A total of 12 candidates contested in this constituency.

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Sikkim Election Results 2019

Po.no Candidate's Name Party Votes Age Criminal Cases Education Total Assets Liabilities
1 Indra Hang Subba Sikkim Krantikari Morcha 1,66,922 30 0 Post Graduate Rs. 4,78,817 0
2 Dek Bahadur Katwal Sikkim Democratic Front 1,54,489 42 0 Graduate Professional Rs. 27,89,212 Rs. 4,36,959
3 Laten Tshering Sherpa Bharatiya Janata Party 16,572 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
4 Bharat Basnett Indian National Congress 3,990 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
5 Nota None Of The Above 2,279 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
6 Passang Gyali Sherpa Independent 2,003 37 0 8th Pass Rs. 1,31,49,660 0
7 Biraj Adhikari Hamro Sikkim Party 1,998 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
8 Dhiraj Kumar Rai Sikkim Republican Party 1,503 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
9 Narendra Adhikari Sikkim United Front 614 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
10 Mahendra Thapa Independent 597 31 0 Post Graduate Rs. 28,47,230 0
11 Rabin Rai All Indians Party 396 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
12 Sunmaya Gurung Jai Maha Bharath Party 383 51 0 8th Pass Rs. 13,51,377 0

Disclaimer: The information relating to the candidate is an archive based on the self-declared affidavit filed at the time of elections. The current status may be different. For the latest on the candidate kindly refer to the affidavit filed by the candidate with the Election Commission of India in the recent election.

Interesting Facts About Sikkim Lok Sabha Constituency

  • MALE
SDF 75%
SSP 25%
SDF won 6 times and SSP won 2 times since 1977 elections

MP's Personal Details

Indra Hang Subba
Indra Hang Subba
Sikkim Krantikari Morcha
Social Worker
Post Graduate
Hee Patal, Hee Gaon, PO. Hee Bazar, PS. Dentam, West Sikkim

Assembly Constituencies

Salghari-zoom (sc) Arjun Kumar Ghatani Sdf
Salghari-zoom (sc) Arjun Kumar Ghatani Sdf
Namcheybung Bek Bahadur Rai Sdf
Chujachen Bikram Pradhan Sdf
Yangthang Chandra Maya Limboo (Subba) Sdf
Upper Burtuk D. R. THAPA Sdf
Daramdin(bl) Danorbu Sherpa Sdf
Barfung(bl) Dorjee Dazom Bhutia Sdf
Gnathang-machong(bl) Dorjee Tsh. Lepcha Sdf
Temi-namphing Garjaman Gurung Sdf
West Pendam(sc) Gopal Baraily Skm
Rhenock Hemendra Adhikari Skm
Rinchenpong(bl) Karma Sonam Lepcha Sdf
Poklok-kamrang Kedar Nath Rai Sdf
Shyari(bl) Kunga Nima Lepcha Skm
Martam-rumtek (bl) Mechung Bhutia Skm
Maneybung-dentam Narendra Kumar Subba SDF
Namchi-singhithang Pawan Chamling Sdf
Gangtok(bl) Pintso Chopel Skm
Soreong-chakung Ram Bahadur Limboo (Subba) Sdf
Rangang-yangang Rup Narayan Chamling Ind
Gyalshing-barnyak Sher Bahadur Subedi Sdf
Arithang Shyam Pradhan Skm
Khamdong-singtam Som Nath Poudyal Sdf
Yoksam-tashiding(bl) Sonam Dadul Bhutia Sdf
Djongu(bl) Sonam Gyatso Lepcha Sdf
Namthang-rateypani Tilu Gurung Sdf
Upper Tadong Timothy William Basnett SKM
Lachen Mangan(bl) Tshering Wangdi Lepcha Sdf
Melli Tulshi Devi Rai Sdf
Kabi Lungchuk(bl) Ugen Nedup Bhutia Skm
Kabi Lungchuk(bl) Ugen Nedup Bhutia Skm
Tumen-lingi(bl) Ugen T. Gyatso Bhutia Sdf
Tumen-lingi(bl) Ugen T. Gyatso Bhutia Sdf


  • SKM SKM - Winner
    Indra Hang Subba
    VOTES 1,66,922 (47.46%)
  • SDF SDF - Runner Up
    Dek Bahadur Katwal
    VOTES 1,54,489 (43.92%)
  • BJP BJP - 3rd
    Laten Tshering Sherpa
    VOTES 16,572 (4.71%)
  • INC INC - 4th
    Bharat Basnett
    VOTES 3,990 (1.13%)
  • NOTA NOTA - 5th
    VOTES 2,279 (0.65%)
  • IND IND - 6th
    Passang Gyali Sherpa
    VOTES 2,003 (0.57%)
  • OTH OTH - 7th
    Biraj Adhikari
    VOTES 1,998 (0.57%)
  • OTH OTH - 8th
    Dhiraj Kumar Rai
    VOTES 1,503 (0.43%)
  • OTH OTH - 9th
    Narendra Adhikari
    VOTES 614 (0.17%)
  • IND IND - 10th
    Mahendra Thapa
    VOTES 597 (0.17%)
  • OTH OTH - 11th
    Rabin Rai
    VOTES 396 (0.11%)
  • JMBP JMBP - 12th
    Sunmaya Gurung
    VOTES 383 (0.11%)

2019 Sikkim Lok Sabha Elections - Voters Turnout & Party Vote Share

ELECTORS: 3,51,746
Males Polled
Females Polled

List of Sikkim MP's and Runner Up Candidates from Past Lok Sabha Elections

Candidate's Name Party Result Vote Vote Share Margin Margin Rate
Indra Hang Subba SKM Winner 1,66,922 47% 12,433 3%
Dek Bahadur Katwal SDF Runner Up 1,54,489 44% 12,433 -
Prem Das Rai SDF Winner 1,63,698 54% 41,742 14%
Tek Nath Dhakal SKM Runner Up 1,21,956 40% 0 -
Prem Das Rai SDF Winner 1,59,351 63% 84,868 33%
Kharananda Upreti INC Runner Up 74,483 30% 0 -
Nakul Das Rai SDF Winner 1,53,409 70% 93,151 43%
Biraj Adhikari INC Runner Up 60,258 27% 0 -
Bhim Pd. Dahal SDF Winner 1,07,828 53% 21,362 11%
Satish Chandra Rai SSP Runner Up 86,466 42% 0 -
Bhim Pd. Dahal SDF Winner 1,02,440 66% 50,829 33%
Sanchaman Subba INC Runner Up 51,611 33% 0 -
Bhim Prasad Dahal SDF Winner 1,24,218 72% 82,043 47%
Nar Bahadur Bhandari SSP Runner Up 42,175 25% 0 -
Dil Kumari Bhandari (w) SSP Winner 1,03,970 90% 1,00,211 87%
Phur Tshering Lepcha IND Runner Up 3,759 3% 0 -
Nandu Thapa SSP Winner 91,608 69% 62,786 47%
Dil Kumari Bhandari INC Runner Up 28,822 22% 0 -
Nar Bhadur Bhandari IND Winner 56,614 69% 35,287 43%
Pahalman Subba INC Runner Up 21,327 26% 0 -
Pahal Man Subba SJP Winner 31,750 62% 20,118 39%
R.c. Paudyal SCR Runner Up 11,632 23% 0 -
Chatra Bahadur Chhetri INC Winner 0 0% 0 0%

Other Parliamentary Constituencies of Sikkim

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