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Lok Sabha Election 2019
Shillong Lok Sabha Election Result

Shillong Lok Sabha (MP) Election 2019

Vincent H. Pala of INC won the Shillong Lok Sabha constituency with a margin of 1,52,433 votes by defeating Jemino Mawthoh of UDP. Vincent H. Pala who secured 4,19,689 votes. Vincent H. Pala of INC is the incumbent MP of the Shillong constituency.Shillong Lok Sabha constituency falls inside the vicinity of Meghalaya. Pynthorumkhrah, Nongkrem (st), Mawthadraishan (st), Raliang (st), Mawryngkneng(st), Nongstoin (st), Shella (st), Umsning (st), Nongpoh (st), Mawlai (st), Sohing (st), Sutnga-saipung (st), Nongthymmai (st), Mawhati (st), Khliehriat (st), Mawphlang (st), Jirang (st), Ranikor (st), East Shillong (st), Mairang (st), Umroi (st), West Shillong, Rambrai Jyrngam (st, Pynursla (st), Mawsynram (st), Mawkynrew (st), Mowkaiaw (st), Mylliem (st), North Shillong (st), Mawkyrwat (st), Jowai (st), South Shillong, Nartiang (st), Amlarem (st), Sohra (st), Mawshynrut (st) are the assembly constituencies factored in Shillong Lok Sabha constituency.
This constituency has witnessed 65.47% voter turnout in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. A total of 7 candidates contested in this constituency.

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Shillong Election Results 2019

Po.no Candidate's Name Party Votes Age Criminal Cases Education Total Assets Liabilities
1 Vincent H. Pala Indian National Congress 4,19,689 51 0 Graduate Professional Rs. 54,95,15,421 0
2 Jemino Mawthoh United Democratic Party 2,67,256 54 0 Doctorate Rs. 1,14,32,184 Rs. 11,78,370
3 Sanbor Shullai Bharatiya Janata Party 76,683 52 0 10th Pass Rs. 6,61,68,175 0
4 T.h.s. Bonney Independent 6,580 58 0 Post Graduate Rs. 5,37,58,447 Rs. 12,69,345
5 Romeo Phira Rani Independent 4,961 51 0 12th Pass Rs. 1,10,97,844 0
6 Samuel Hashah Independent 4,601 32 0 12th Pass Rs. 2,05,000 0
7 Nota None Of The Above 4,420 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Disclaimer: The information relating to the candidate is an archive based on the self-declared affidavit filed at the time of elections. The current status may be different. For the latest on the candidate kindly refer to the affidavit filed by the candidate with the Election Commission of India in the recent election.

Interesting Facts About Shillong Lok Sabha Constituency

  • MALE
INC 75%
IND 25%
INC won 9 times and IND won 2 times since 1977 elections

MP's Personal Details

Vincent H. Pala
Vincent H. Pala
Member of parliament
Graduate Professional
Lamyrsiang Village, BPO-Sutnga, PS-Khliehriat, Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya
09650806333, 09868203333

Assembly Constituencies

Pynthorumkhrah A. L. Hek INC
Nongkrem (st) Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit HSPDP
Mawthadraishan (st) Brolding Nongsiej UDP
Raliang (st) Comingone Ymbon INC
Mawryngkneng(st) David A. Nongrum IND
Nongstoin (st) Diosstarness Jyndiang HSPDP
Shella (st) Donkupar Roy UDP
Umsning (st) Dr. Celestine Lyngdoh INC
Nongpoh (st) Dr. D.D.Lapang INC
Mawlai (st) Embhahlang Syiemlieh UDP
Sohing (st) H. Donkupar R. Lyngdoh INC
Sutnga-saipung (st) Hopeful Bamon IND
Nongthymmai (st) Jemino Mawthoh UDP
Mawhati (st) Julias Kitbok Dorphang IND
Khliehriat (st) Justine Dkhar IND
Mawphlang (st) Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem INC
Jirang (st) Lamboklang Mylliem NESDP
Ranikor (st) Martin M. Danggo INC
East Shillong (st) Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh INC
Mairang (st) Metbah Lyngdoh UDP
Umroi (st) Ngaitlang Dhar INC
West Shillong Paul Lyngdoh UDP
Rambrai Jyrngam (st Phlastingwell Pangniang HSPDP
Pynursla (st) Prestone Tynsong INC
Mawsynram (st) Pynshngainlang Syiem INC
Mawkynrew (st) Remington Pyngrope UDP
Mowkaiaw (st) Robinus Syngkon IND
Mylliem (st) Ronnie V. Lyngdoh INC
North Shillong (st) Roshan Warjri INC
Mawkyrwat (st) Rowell Lyngdoh INC
Jowai (st) Roytre Christopher Laloo INC
South Shillong Sanbor Shullai NCP
Nartiang (st) Sniawbhalang Dhar INC
Amlarem (st) Stephanson Mukhim IND
Sohra (st) Titosstarwell Chyne UDP
Mawshynrut (st) Witting Mawsor HSPDP


  • INC INC - Winner
    Vincent H. Pala
    VOTES 4,19,689 (53.52%)
  • UDP UDP - Runner Up
    Jemino Mawthoh
    VOTES 2,67,256 (34.08%)
  • BJP BJP - 3rd
    Sanbor Shullai
    VOTES 76,683 (9.78%)
  • IND IND - 4th
    T.h.s. Bonney
    VOTES 6,580 (0.84%)
  • IND IND - 5th
    Romeo Phira Rani
    VOTES 4,961 (0.63%)
  • IND IND - 6th
    Samuel Hashah
    VOTES 4,601 (0.59%)
  • NOTA NOTA - 7th
    VOTES 4,420 (0.56%)

2019 Shillong Lok Sabha Elections - Voters Turnout & Party Vote Share

ELECTORS: 7,84,190
Males Polled
Females Polled

Constituencies Nearby Shillong Parliamentary Constituency

List of Shillong MP's and Runner Up Candidates from Past Lok Sabha Elections

Candidate's Name Party Result Vote Vote Share Margin Margin Rate
Vincent H. Pala INC Winner 4,19,689 54% 1,52,433 20%
Jemino Mawthoh UDP Runner Up 2,67,256 34% 1,52,433 -
Vincent H. Pala INC Winner 2,09,340 34% 40,379 6%
Prechard B. M. Basaiawmoit IND Runner Up 1,68,961 28% 0 -
Vincent H Pala INC Winner 2,32,270 48% 1,07,868 22%
John Filmore Kharshiing UDP Runner Up 1,24,402 26% 0 -
Paty Ripple Kyndiah INC Winner 1,90,058 52% 70,896 20%
S. Loniak Marbaniang IND Runner Up 1,19,162 32% 0 -
Paty Ripple Kyndiah INC Winner 1,45,020 40% 37,823 11%
Stanlington D. Khongwir UDP Runner Up 1,07,197 29% 0 -
Paty Ripple Kyndiah INC Winner 1,79,863 35% 6,012 1%
G. Gilbert Swell UDP Runner Up 1,73,851 34% 0 -
G.gilbert Swell IND Winner 2,12,205 56% 79,302 21%
D.d.lapang INC Runner Up 1,32,903 35% 0 -
Peter G. Marbaniang INC Winner 1,44,895 49% 19,390 7%
G.g. Swell IND Runner Up 1,25,505 42% 0 -
Peter G.marbaning INC Winner 1,48,657 51% 13,285 5%
G.g.swell IND Runner Up 1,35,372 46% 0 -
G.g.swell INC Winner 1,42,638 56% 50,826 20%
Pakem IND Runner Up 91,812 36% 0 -
Hoping Stone Lyngdoh IND Winner 55,732 30% 4,765 2%
Peter Garnette Marbaniang INC Runner Up 50,967 28% 0 -

Other Parliamentary Constituencies of Meghalaya

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