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Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi


Indira Gandhi was one of the most charismatic, controversial political leader to lead the country. She served as Prime minister from 1966-1977 and then again 1980 until her untimely demise in 1984. Daughter of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, she was often described as a lonely child, whose upbringing was embroiled with tragedy. She lost her mother at a young age and Nehru was often imprisoned during the freedom movement. She spent most of her childhood in the company of servants and punted across various boarding schools. She married Feroze Gandhi in 1942 and served as her Father's companion after his ascension as Prime Minister. She ingratiated herself into the party's political fray, following Nehru's demise she was inducted into Lal Bahadur Shastri's cabinet as Minister of Information and Broadcasting.

She was sworn in as Prime Minister in 1966 with the party support, who were under the misguided assumption that she will be a malleable leader, the notion that she soon dissuaded them of, when she nationalized the banks in India despite vehement protests from members from her party. The acrimony brewing inside the party compelled the members to oust her, however, she thwarted them at every turn and managed to hold on to power. Her term as a Prime Minister was marred with allegations of corruption and resorting to autocratic rule which culminated in an Emergency declaration and subsequently losing the election to a coalition party. She managed to beat the odds and clambered back to power in 1980 and was re-elected as Prime Minister. However, hasty moves and judgmental error proved perilous to her personal safety. Her complicity in Operation Blue star which led to execution hundreds of Sikhs and contriving to bolster the vote bank by providing thousands of immigrant with a right to vote, culmination in Nellie Massacre, proved in-conducive for her tenure, enraged masses and led to her assassination in 1984.

Personal Life

Full Name Indira Gandhi
Date of Birth 19 Nov 1919
Date of Death 31 Oct 1984 (Age 64)
Place of Birth Allahabad, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, British India
Party name Indian National Congress
Profession Political and Social Worker
Father's Name Jawaharlal Nehru
Mother's Name Kamala Nehru
Spouse's Name Feroz Gandhi
Children 2 Son(s)


Permanent address Allahabad, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, British India
Present address Allahabad, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, British India
Contact number NA
Email NA

Interesting Facts

Gandhi spurred the growth in agricultural production through the introduction of high-yield seeds and irrigation and producing a surplus of grains. Additionally, the prime minister spearheaded the nuclear program and hemmed the country's entry into the nuclear age with the detonation of an underground device in 1974.

Political Timeline

  • 1980
    Ministry of Defence from January 1980.
  • 1971
    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting from March 1971.
  • 1970
    Ministry of Home Affairs from June 1970 to November 1973.
  • 1969
    Ministry of Finance from July 16, 1969, to June 26, 1970.
  • 1967
    concurrently Minister for Atomic Energy and Space, September 1967—March 1977; June 1972—March 1977, and again from January 1980; Ministry of External Affairs from September 5, 1967, to February 14, 1969.
  • 1966
    prime Minister of India, January from 1966—March 1977 and again from January 14, 1980; Chairman, Planning Commission 1966-77.
  • 1964
    Member of Rajya Sabha Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.
  • 1955
    Member, Congress Working Committee and Central Election Committee of the party.


Indira Gandhi's ruthless tenacity jarred nerves of the country, but also served in it's best interest. She is the first and only woman Prime Minister of India who paved the way for innovation and ingenuity during her term. The Green Revolution, Nationalization of private banks, The Shimla Agreement culminating in the liberalization Bangladesh, sending the first Man to Space and facilitating Foreign Policies is an ode to her shrewd leadership.
Net WorthN/A

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