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Rare egg eating snake spotted for first time


Bengaluru, Aug 06: A rare species of a snake has been found in Karnataka. The rare egg eater also known as the Elachistodon Westermann was found in Sira taluk, Tumkur.

The snake known as 'Motte Bakshaka Havu,' was found at the Bukkapatna Chinkara wildlife sanctuary. The same is two feet long and is black and white in colour. It is a non-venomous snake.

Rare egg eating snake spotted for first time

This snake has never in the past been sighted in Karnataka. The snake feeds onlynon the eggs of birds. It does not eat frogs and rats. It is a very rare snake and has been given protection under the Wildlife Protection Act Schedule 1.

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The snake is usually active only during the night. The snake is normally found in tree holes. It normally inhabits near bird habitats as it only feeds on bird eggs.

This snake was spitted by Manu Agnivamshi, a member of the Wildlife Awareness and Reptile Conservation Organisation and Akshay Herale, a Chickmagalur based naturalist.

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