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Assembly elections over but AgustaWestland bothers Congress for its future prospects


New Delhi, Dec 8: The Congress has failed to get rid of Herald controversy as yet but the controversy of Christian Michel has entangled it. The party feels that though the issue of middleman in AgustaWestland getting linked with the Gandhi family has failed to do much in the Rajasthan Assembly elections but it may trouble the party in the days to come especially during the Lok Sabha election in 2019. Senior leaders of the party are of the view that bringing Michel just before the voting of Rajasthan Assembly elections and his connection with the senior party leaders failed and the Gandhi family failed to cut much ice for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Assembly elections over but AgustaWestland bothers Congress for its future prospects

The party feels that local issues in Rajasthan and anti-incumbency against Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje has been so big that BJP's Michel agenda did not work. But the party is not denying the fact that since the allegation is against Gandhi family and senior leaders of the party, so it is getting difficult to answer them. These leaders are saying that preparation for 2019 has to be made but there is already the case of Herald against the Gandhi family in which they are not getting any relief from the court.

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The Congress is finding it really difficult to answer on the issue of Michel's relations with the party leaders and Gandhi family. The party is talking about everything except bribery and middleman. It wants to focus its attention that it fought legal battle in the Italian court against AgustaWestland and confiscated three of its helicopter and a huge some of money. The Congress wants to tell its workers on the ground level that it was their government that had put it in the black list to threw out of the country to which the Modi government is giving red carpet welcome. Actually the Congress understands that politics is the game of perception. The party had already burnt its finger in Bofors and it does not want to repeat its mistake.

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