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‘Ahmedadulla, Ahmedadulla,’ let us trigger India’s first remote bomb


New Delhi, Dec 27: The Islamic State inspired module, which was busted by the National Investigation Agency had planned on triggering of car bombs at crowded religious places.

The NIA and UP police which carried out the raids had seized several items that were related to preparing the bomb. The operatives, according to NIA were planning on targeting several places, which also included Hindu places of worship. The NIA is trying to ascertain, if the Kumbh Mela was the target of this group as well.

‘Ahmedadulla, Ahmedadulla,’ let us trigger India’s first remote bomb

In a video one of the operatives is heard speaking about a bomb and claims that it would be India's first remote bomb. In the 46 second clip, the alleged operative is heard claiming that, 'this would be India's first remote bomb.'

The mystery woman who headed the ISIS inspired module in UP, Delhi

He is heard explaining to others about the bomb. There is a dummy bomb on display connected to wires and circuits and an explosion is also triggered.

" This would be India's first remote bomb. This is the battery. There are two wires connected to it. This is how the circuits are joined. Okay now go ahead and press the button."

Two muftis, 2 welders and the making of India's largest ISIS inspired terror module

Once the dummy explosion is triggered the rest of the members applaud before saying, 'ahmedadulla, ahmedadulla.' At the end of the clip, a lady is heard saying,' they will be very happy.'

During the raids, the NIA team seized 25 kg of explosive material, such as Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Sulphur, Sugar material paste, 12 pistols, 150 rounds of live ammunition, 1 country- made rocket launcher, 112 alarm clocks, mobile phone circuits, batteries, 51 pipes, remote control car triggering switch, wireless digital doorbell for remote switch, steel containers, electric wires, 91 mobile phones, 134 SIM cards, 3 laptops, knife, sword, ISIS-related literature and a cash amount of Rs. 7.5 lacs approximately.

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