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After 12 hour debate no confidence motion defeated, 325 MPs back govt

By Oneindia Staff Writer
    Rahul Gandhi HUGS PM Narendra Modi after his Lok Sabha SPEECH; Watch Video । Oneindia News
    The Narendra Modi led NDA government cleared the test after a 12 hour debate in the Lok Sabha. The no-confidence motion introduced by the TDP and backed by the opposition was defeated with 325 MPs rejecting it. Only 125 MPs backed the motion.

    After 12 hour debate no confidence motion defeated, 325 MPs back govt

    The day began at 11 am in the Lok Sabha and ended by 11 pm. The day witnessed plenty of drama with Rahul Gandhi leading the opposition attack and also hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM replied to the opposition charges in a speech that lasted nearly 90 minutes.

    No-confidence motion LIVE: Modi deserves best actor award says TDP

    Check out our coverage of the day long event:

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    11:39 PM, 20 Jul
    Lok Sabha adjourned till Monday
    11:12 PM, 20 Jul
    Modi sarkar comfortably wins vote on no-confidence motion. 325 MPs voted no, 126 Ayes. No confidence against Modi sarkar defeated
    11:10 PM, 20 Jul
    The Speaker and an official of the Parliament instructs the Parliamentarians on the procedure to register their votes for or against the no-confidence motion against the Modi government.
    11:05 PM, 20 Jul
    Voting on the no-confidence motion commences in the House. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan calls for those in favour of the motion and those against it.
    10:57 PM, 20 Jul
    TDP replies to Modi. Kesineni Srinivas says Modi without a doubt will be the best actor in the world.
    10:52 PM, 20 Jul
    Modi ends speech with a challenge to the opposition. Bring such a motion once again in 2024, he says.
    10:44 PM, 20 Jul
    India is seeing the record pace at which roads are being built, villages are being connected, the PM said.
    10:44 PM, 20 Jul
    We stood with the victims of triple talaq. We condemn mob attacks and request state governments to take action says Modi.
    10:33 PM, 20 Jul
    “One rank, one pension was in limbo due to some people. So was GST. We discussed genuine issues with states for the GST rollout. If you were not arrogant, GST could have been rolled out 5 years ago. We increased MSP but you had sufficient time to do the same. When we came in 2014, people asked us to bring a white paper on economy. We were amazed at the state of the economy then. From 2008-2014, the bank loans increased to 52 lakh crore from 18 lakh crore in the 60 years since Independence, says” Modi.
    10:31 PM, 20 Jul
    Somebody give Modi a hug and tell him to stop. Yawn! He has not answered a single question raised. Utter nonsense, full-on rhetorical rubbish. Spare the nation, please, says Congress leader Sanjay Jha
    10:24 PM, 20 Jul
    I had told Chandrababu Naidu that he is falling into the trap of the YSR Congress party. The problem is a domestic one, but the Parliament is being used as a platform. I assure that we will do everything for the people of Andhra Pradesh. We will leave no stone unturned for the benefit of the people of Andhra Pradesh says Modi.
    10:19 PM, 20 Jul
    “Telugu meri maa hai,” says Modi. The PM takes a jibe at the Congress for the mess it made while dividing the state of Andhra Pradesh
    10:12 PM, 20 Jul
    There is a conspiracy to push the country towards violence. They emotionally blackmail the have-nots to win elections. These were the people who made fun of Baba Ambedkar but are now singing his praises. Whoever came in front of the dreams and aspirations of one family was pushed to the sidelines, says Modi
    10:10 PM, 20 Jul
    I am a chowkidar, I am a bhagidar also, but not a saudagar like you, says Modi
    10:10 PM, 20 Jul
    "Talking about eyes, we have seen quite a lot of eye movement today," Modi mocks Gandhi's winking act with hand gestures and laughs.
    10:07 PM, 20 Jul
    Congress asks why petrol was not included in GST. It was the UPA government that decided to keep petrol out of GST. Sometime look outside your family affairs says Modi.
    10:07 PM, 20 Jul
    Vote for note, this is what the Congress indulged in all these years. Who does not know these games of the Congress asks Modi. Today, it was said that I could not look eye to eye. Who am I to look into your eyes. I am only a kaamdhar, not a naamdhar, says Modi.
    10:03 PM, 20 Jul
    Modi says this no-confidence is Congress' nature. They have misused the motion to bring an atmosphere of political uncertainty in the country.
    9:58 PM, 20 Jul
    How can you call the surgical strikes as a jhumla. Modi is ready to listen to criticism, but not the Army. The Army is guarding us and you call the surgical strikes a jhumla says Modi.
    9:57 PM, 20 Jul
    I want to assure the people that Rafale deal was struck between two countries and not between businessmen, Modi says.
    9:55 PM, 20 Jul
    On issues of national security one must not play games, Modi says while speaking about the Rafale deal. Because of the allegations about secrecy made by Rahul Gandhi, both India and France had to issue clarifications. Without proof you make allegations. The people of the country will not forgive you.
    9:54 PM, 20 Jul
    These days there is talk about Shiv bhakti, Modi said while taking a shot at Rahul Gandhi. I believe in Lord Shiva too and I pray that you bring about a no-confidence motion against us in 2024 also says Modi. Speaking about Doklam, Modi says that people should not talk if they do not know about it. Rahul Gandhi had raised this issue earlier. Modi takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi of meeting with Chinese leaders.
    9:50 PM, 20 Jul
    Congress does not believe in itself. If this is the attitude, how can it have trust in anything. It does not trust the Supreme Court, it does not trust the RBI, says Modi.Cong does not trust itself, how can it trust anything else says Modi
    9:48 PM, 20 Jul
    The world believes in us but the people who do not even believe in themselves, what will they believe in us: PM Modi attacks the opposition.
    9:46 PM, 20 Jul
    The opposition does not believe in anything. We have bettered economic growth over the past few years says Modi. The country is moving forward. We launched a war on black money and we will not stop it he also added.
    9:45 PM, 20 Jul
    The opposition does not believe in anything. We have bettered economic growth over the past few years says Modi. The country is moving forward. We launched a war on black money and we will not stop it he also added.
    9:45 PM, 20 Jul
    Jitender Singh can be seen asking party members to thump the tables in support of PM Modi.
    9:42 PM, 20 Jul
    The previous government was stuck in discussing whether to give 9 cylinders or 12 cylinders to the poor. But we are working towards doubling the income of farmers by 2022. Rural electrification in 18,000 villages could have been done by previous governments as well, but they couldn't. Most of these states are part of north-east India inhabited by Dalits, minorities and others. Why were they not provided with development earlier? Because it did not fulfill their electoral interests says Modi.
    9:39 PM, 20 Jul
    TDP MPs continue to raise slogans drowning Modi’s speech. Despite requests by the Speaker, the MPs continued to raise slogans. Meanwhile Modi continued to explain the benefits of the various schemes launched by his government.
    9:37 PM, 20 Jul
    The TDP MPs trooped into the well shouting slogans, ‘ we want justice.’ Modi continues to speak with his slogan sabka saath sabka vikas.

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