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UK-India Week 2018: NITI Aayog is India’s action tank, says Rajiv Kumar

By oneindia staff

NITI Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar touched upon wide range of issues while speaking at the India UK leadership conclave on Wednesday. He pointed out how the policies adopted by the government had pushed the Indian economy in the right direction.

Kumar also described the NITI Aayog as an "action tank" which is constantly work towards bringing about a change in India.

NITI Aayog vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar at UK India week 2018 event

In the afternoon session of UK India Conclave in Buckinghamshire, Rajiv Kumar, in a candid conversation, dwelled on union government's approach towards the economy and how it had transformed in the last 4 years.

Kumar said, "There is so much that has happened in the four years of the Modi government. We are on the cusp of major transformation. "

He also focused on the current trajectory of the Indian economy, and how the Indian government's policies had approached to governance and are transforming India.

He said,"India was moving forward with quite fast pace in 2004, but due to some activities it had slowed down our performance. But after the NDA government came into the power, things have changed drastically. There are major changes done in the way government functions.

"For over 70 years, it is no doubt that foreign investors were 'dissuaded' from investing in India, but now it is an attractive destination. Since 2014 the relations between the investors and the government have totally changed. We have started the ranking system on different scales. Like water conservation, education system, health, etc. Every institution is competing to be number one, " he further said.

On Water Crisis in India

Kumar also said that for the first time when the Government of India examined the report it showed how we are battling from a huge water crisis.

As per the data, around 600 million people are battling from the water crisis. The NITI Aayog found that Gujarat had topped the index. When ranking system was implemented, rest of the states were ranking in the index.

'' In the similar manner when we implemented ranking system in the field of investment, every state has stepped up in this area and today you can see huge amount of investments in different states, " Kumar said.

We have asked the investors of every sector to tell us wherever you are facing any problem, the government is committed to promoting the investment and we are working to remove the barriers ahead of private sector companies.

Commitment for Digital India

"We are committed for making free information environment. We are working on delivering smart phones to the workers of aanganwadi. So women working in villages can also connect with the world through smart phones," he said.

On the ground of public services, we are committed to reaching out to everybody through the internet. This is the format of Digital India, which is getting to see everyone. Niti Aayog has prepared a system through which we can see the real-time data of each state's development.

What Niti Aayog is doing to deal with pollution?

In response to this question, Rajiv Kumar said that it is a reality that we are battling the major problem of pollution. Delhi is the biggest example. Niti Aayog has created two task force, which are working in two different ways.

A study of Roorki University found that 70 percent of pollution in Delhi is due to dust and smoke. Dust mainly from constructions and smoke from vehicles and other sources.

It is the local body to stop it and make people aware. Our task Force is working with them. I can not say that pollution will end by tomorrow, but yes, you will see the change over the time, hopefully this winter.

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