Non-Kannadiga techies appointed, Bangalore IT companies slammed

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Bangalore, Jan 30: Information Technology (IT) companies are believed to be the lifeline of Bangalore and many other places of Karnataka. But now the same IT companies have been slammed for not hiring Kannadiga (residents of Karnataka) techies.

Former Chief Minister of the state -- HD Kumaraswamy hurled an attack on the companies saying, "More than 80% of employees in IT companies are non-Kannadigas from other states. Why don't they give jobs to Kannadigas?"

He claimed that all IT and multinational companies have been taking several privileges such as -- water, power, land, subsidies from Karnataka but Kannadigas have been left snubbed by these companies.

More than 80% of employees in IT companies are non-Kannadigas

"...after taking these benefits, what's their contribution to Kannadigas?" asked the JDS leader while addressing youth rally in Bangalore on Wednesday, Jan 29.

Meanwhile, Kumaraswamy's father and former prime minister of the country -- Deve Gowda asserted that it was his government and not Congress's government-led by SM Krishna which brought all IT companies in the state.

"Who gave permission for establishing software and hardware parks? Who gave tax exemption for IT companies for 10 years? I did it and my mistake was that I didn't manage the media," said Deve Gowda while targeting Congress government which generally takes credit for bringing IT revolution in the state.

However, many critics believe that Kumaraswamy and his father's statements ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha election were nothing but a ;poll gimmick to owe the aam-aadmi (common man).

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