(Video) Want a corruption-free nation? read the 'Modi Chalisa'

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, April 2: The readers have already been introduced to culinaries dedicated to BJP's Prime Ministrial candidate Narendra Modi, but few would know that there are Modi chalisas going viral on the Internet.

NaMo baskets to drinks are old-fashioned now; the fact that Modi is inspiring one and all spiritually is evident from the way his followers have taken him to a level of divinity.

Take the case of Sonu Shandilya, based out of Muzaffarnagar (UP), who has written a 'Modi Chalisa' (Chalisa being a hymn addressed to Hindu deities). Shandilya believes that like all Gods and Goddesses, Modi has descended on earth to eradicate corruption and take India to a path of progress and development.

He is not the only one, Ghananand Pandey from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh has also written a chalisa for Modi, which is doing the hits on Youtube, with close to 1,638 shares.

If it hasn't yet caught the attention of the readers, let us point it out to you that both the persons belong to UP, a state which has till date been SP's den. But, given the above trend, whether Modi Chalisa takes the party on a joyride around the city after the elections.

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