From taking selfies to playing musical instruments, Narendra Modi has done it all

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Not only did the Lok Sabha elections last year change the face of Indian politics in a really long time but it also saw the rise of a man from a humble background becoming the prime minister of the country.

When Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India, there was a ray of hope among many. Since then not only has he managed to connect with the people but also managed to leave a mark on several foreign leaders in different ways.

Narendra Modi: The new age PM

Be it playing drums in Japan or clicking selfies with the crowd and political leaders, Narendra Modi has done it all.

While he does come across as a serious PM that has not stopped him from showing us his creative and often funny side.  We bring to you a few moments from the past one year where Narendra Modi was seen as the 'new-age leader'.

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Modi as a selfie expert

While the younger generation is obesssed by the selfie craze, Narendra Modi too was bitten by the 'selfie bug' and now has turned out to be a selfie expert.

Modi never seems to miss a chance to click a selfie. Whether it is clicking selfies with children or the crowd Modi never hesitates from clicking a selfie and is seen obliging his supporters most of the times.

On his recent trip to China, Modi was seen taking a selfie with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang which was later hailed as the 'most powerful selfie in history' by the Western media [Modi-Keqiang selfie most power-packed selfie in history: Western media]

Narendra MOdi China selfie

Modi was also seen clicking a selfie with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott last year during his visit to Oz. He was the first world leader to use a Twitter Mirror, an exclusive app that produces autographed selfies and posts them to Twitter on his tours.  [Narendra Modi-Tony Abbott to pose for shutterbugs with World Cup trophy]

Narendra MOdi tony Abbott

Narendra Modi shows off his musical skills

During his visit to Japan in September last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen playing the flute during a visit to a Japanese kindergaten and the traditional Taiko drum at the launch of TCS Japan Technology and Cultural Academy [5 takeaways which prove Modi's flute-and-drum diplomacy worked in Japan]

Modi flute Japan

While he interacted with students at the kindergaten and said that he was the oldest student there, he performed a 'jugalbandi' with a professional drummer as he tried his hands on the drums.

Modi plays drums

During his current visit to Mongolia, Modi tried his hand at some traditional muscial instruments such as Yochin and Morin Khuur. His effort to play the instruments was appreciated by many.

Modi in Mongolia
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