Communal riots orchestrated: Dear Sonia, blame game politics will not improve Congress’ credibility

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Sonia Gandhi and Rahul gandhi
Beleaguered by recent spates of event like Natwar's book sting, infighting within party and National herald case, Congress president Sonia Gandhi finally got some reason to cheer herself. But, she chose wrong subject as its own party record is very dismal on the topic.

Targetting Narendra Modi Government, Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday said that incidences of communal violence have increased after new Government took the rein.

The statement has come close on the heels of Rahul Gandhi's statement who said that communal violence in Uttar Pradesh were "artificially engineered".

What Sonia Gandhi has said?

Sonia Gandhi as quoted by ANi said, "I wonder why after the BJP came to power all these communal incidents have happened".

She also alleged that these communal flare up was created deliberately to divide the society."It seems some of these incidents are deliberately orchestrated. The party in power is in a hurry to divide people. The Congress will not allow dilution of secular and pluralistic tradition of the country," Sonia said while addressing a convention in Thiruvananthapuram.

Patting their back for no such incident happened during UPA I and II, she said, "More than 600 incidents of communal violence happened in Uttar Pradesh and, perhaps, as many in Maharashtra".

MHA report deflate Congress' claim

But recent report by Ministry of Home Affairs had exposed Congress' claim and said that the incidents related to communal clashes have gone down to an average of 56.5 as compared to period of May-June last year.

A Time of India report citing Home Ministry data shows that during May-June 2014 the incidents per month fell to an average of 56.5 from 68.6 in 2013.

The report also said that average number of deaths and injured in communal clashes has also come down to 7.5 and 159 respectively during the period of May-June this year as compared to 11 and 189 last year. 

Law and order is a State subject
Moreover, Law and order is a State subject and it is actually SP Government which is largely responsible for UP riots not BJP. The role of the Centre is only confined to issuing advisories, seeking reports and providing Central forces to help State police in time of crisis.

They (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) are clamoring on top of their voice about recent riots, but then why they didn't bother to speak for same during their tenure. Even junior Gandhi has now awakened from his slumbering mode and giving statements, though mostly damaging party itself.

Now they are putting Modi Government in dock but why same vigor was missing during Muzaffarnagar and other similar riots during their term.

They have no moral right at all to give lecture to BJP as maximum number of communal riots took place during Congress regime.

Here is a table (compiled from various sources) showing number of riots since 1967 and who was at the helm of affair in the State.
Riots Ruling party Death toll
1967, Hatia Ranchi Jana Kranti Dal 183
1969 Ahmedabad riot Congress 512
1970, Jalgaon riot Congress 121
1979, Jamsedpur Janata Party More than 100
1980, Moradabad Congress More than 1000
1983, Nellie President's Rule Around 1900
1985, Ahmedabad Congress 300
1989, Bhagalpur Congress More than 1,000
1990, Hyderabad Congress 365
1990, Aligarh Janta Dal More than 100
1992, Surat Congress with allies More than 100
1993, Mumbai Congress More than 800
2002, Gujarat BJP More than 1000
2011, Bharatpur Congress 10
2012, Assam Congress 70

Of the above 15 communal riots, 10 happened during Congress or Congress allies' rule and only one under BJP. Despite this, Congress has the gall to label others ‘communal'.

Why Gandhis are so desperate?

Why Gandhi duo is so much desperate that is well understood by recent spates of events. Recently Natwar Singh had defanged party by his book sting where he revealed that Sonia Gandhi not took up Prime Minister post in 2004 just because of her ‘inner voice' instinct but Rahul forced her to not take up the top job.

Similarly, National Herald case is constantly giving her sleepless nights. And further adding to their cups of woes is constant infighting within the party. Party's popularity has hit the nadir in recent times.

Rahul Gandhi has failed completely and that is why there is a clamour within party rank that Priyanka Gandhi must be brought in.

Congress credibility is all time low
It is high time Congress should focus all its energies in improving party's dwindling credibility. Such acts of desperation will do no good to the party which is trying to rise from the ruins.

To restore public faith in it, the party must try to act as a constructive opposition and send positive signals to the common man. This blame-game politics will lead them nowhere.

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