MH17's last minute details paint a horrifying picture of 'Survival Aspect', refer page 169 of report

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Amsterdam, Oct 16: Section 3.14 Survival aspects of the MH 17 crash report has given shape to the biggest fears of flight experts-regarding the last minute details of the passengers.

The crew and the passengers were confronted by the detonation of the BuK surface-to-air missile.

MH 17

The cockpit blew up instantly and with it the last hopes of the passengers as pilots, Wan Amran Wan Hussin of Kuala Kangsar and Chinese-born Eugene Choo Jin Leong, and their two co-pilots died on the spot.

Investigators said that some of the passengers were conscious and were witness to the last one and half minute unmanned flight before hitting the ground.

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In fact, the Dutch Safety Board explained that some of the passengers were not able to comprehend what was happening to them and some even tried to make last minute efforts to save themselves.

One of the bodies was found with an oxygen mask on and another was grasping on to the arm rest.

The reports explained that the passengers were exposed to extreme air pressure as the aircraft disintegrated. Extreme cold and objects flying around also proved to be fatal.

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