Dhaka attacker Nibras Islam followed ISIS fanboy @shammiwitness on Twitter

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Dhaka, July 5: Nibras Islam, who according to the Bangladesh police was one of the Dhaka attackers had followed 10 accounts on his Twitter profile and one among them was @shammiwitness, the influential ISIS fan boy.

@shammiwitness whose real name is Mehdi Masroor Biswas was arrested in Bengaluru after being outed by a British daily.

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Dhaka attacker followed @shammiwitness

Going by the profile of Nibras Islam it indicates a complete change in his attitude. Educated at the prestigious Monsah University at Malaysia, his early days on the social media were about selfies and soccer.

However following a break up with his girlfriend, he vanished from the scene.

The ISIS ideology

While the Dhaka police say that the ISIS is not linked to the recent attack, what they must understand is that the ideology of the outfit was written large all over the incident. Take for instance the case of Islam. Most of those who followed @shammiwitness did so to seek out information on the ISIS.

The Twitter handle which was one of the most influential would re-tweet propaganda material. During the investigations, it had also been found that he had provided information regarding an opening which may have helped an operative reach Syria.

Islam was not very active on Twitter. The last activity by him on his account was when he liked a tweet by Anjem Choudary who is considered to be a high profile Islamic preacher.

Choudary had spoken about the French police following the Charlie Hebdo attack and this was liked by Islam. However the last tweet put out by Islam read, " Good bye for Good."

Islam hails from a rich family. An education at Monsah University is not cheap by any standards. His social media posts at first indicated that he was a jovial chap.

But a break up appears to have changed everything and he decided to return to Bangladesh from Malaysia and be close to his parents. This was followed by the radicalisation on the net.

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