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Time to come out of the closet: Young India celebrates SC verdict on Section 377


Bengaluru, Sep 6: The battle was over. Love won. Supreme court in a historical verdict struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and has spread the message the being gay is okay. As thousands of members of LGBTQ community leaped in joy, India took another step forward towards becoming 'modern India'. Finally we are, as a nation, ready to accept that sexual orientation is not a mental illness and neither is being true to one's own self. The community which was brushed aside as a minority and labelled as lunatics, finally cried a joy of tear when all their struggles saw the light of just on Wednesday (Sep 6).

File photo. Courtesy- PTI images

Speaking to Oneindia, Hadley D'souza, 25, said that the judgement was always coming. And if at all the judgement would have gone against the community, still, from his own personal experience, it would not have mattered much. " I came out open about my orientation a few years ago. Ever since not a single person, guys or girls, or from any background made me feel bad or judged me. My mom is supportive and so are the parents of my friends. Everyone treats me with the samr lovee and respect as they anyway would. People are more supportive than we actually think," he said.

Talking about the importance of the day and what it actually means to people,Meghana, taecher from Mangaluru said that "Today is independence day and I am so happy for what has happened. People have struggled and fought for this moment. People were ostracized and they lost lved ones in the process, but i am so happy, on cloud nine, that they were given the justice that they deserve." Adding to her point, Snehajaya, a writer, congratulated the LGBT community for relentlessly fighting for their rights and never giving up.

Deepika, a writer from Kodagu expressed her feelings as, "Well , I think the choice of will was already given to us when we chose this life. The universe is free and ever expanding. How can there be any right or wrong ? Its quite subjective. The judgement is an affirmation over what was already true to the human nature. We create our destiny by our choice, this was already in our right, we couldn't exercise it out of fear of law but now that the law itself supports it, the beginning of something is here."

Rumi Saikia, resident of Bengaluru, sharing her thoughts on the Supreme court judgement noted that it should not have taken so long. She said that, "I think it is a very reasonable decision and at the same time it is saddening that it took this long for the verdict to come."

Nagesh Malliyappa, a professor from Mysuru and a Human rights activist, said that though the Supreme court broke the conventional norms today, it has upheld an individual's right. Each person has his own priority and in this generation, change is the ultimate mantra.

With all the reactions pouring in, it can be said that Indians were always behind the LGBTQ community and with the support of every person, Supreme court had to refer to them as a majority. With all the good wishes rushing in, it seems like the LGBTQ community has a a clear path in front of them and instead of hiding inside the closte, it is finally time to come out of it.

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