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ISIS treats Indians as sex slaves, says reluctant Jihadi Majeed


New Delhi, May 21: The 8,000 page chargesheet filed against Areeb Majeed tells a story of a reluctant jihadi. Areeb Majeed who along with three of his friends left for Iraq to fight alongside the ISIS returned to India dejected and helpless after he realized that he was sidelined.

"What I saw out of there was nothing like what was proclaimed by the ISIS. Indians are sidelined, women are treated with disrespect, Majeed told the National Investigating Agency which filed a detailed chargesheet.

Indians treated as sex slaves: Majeed

There is no Caliphate

The ISIS prides itself on proclaiming that its chief Abu Bakr Al-Bhagdadi is the Caliph (Messenger of Prophet) and it had declared the Caliphate. Areeb Majeed tells the NIA that in reality there is no Caliphate or the Caliph. If they had declared the Caliphate they should also ensure that the war they are fighting is pure and holy.

However in reality there is no such thing and all the ISIS indulges in is mindless violence and bloodshed.

If the ISIS believed that Bhagdadi is the Caliph then why do they treat women so shabbily. Women are treated as slaves in the ISIS. They are treated as objects.

This is not how Prophet would have treated women. The declaration of the Caliphate is just one big lie and none should believe the ISIS, the chargesheet while states while quoting Majeed.

Majeed further tells the NIA that the ISIS has put out several videos. These videos are very convincing and it is on this propaganda material that the people get convinced to join the ISIS. However what they show in the video and what really happens on the ground is entirely different, Majeed also said.

The second rated Indian

There is no place for Indians in the ISIS, Majeed says. Indians are treated as second rated citizens. They are made to do all menial jobs in the ISIS, the chargesheet also states. Indians are treated as sex slaves by the ISIS, Majeed also says.

Further it is also stated that there is a lot of discrimination towards Indians in the ISIS. He says that the first preference is given to the Arabs and then the Europeans. However they never assign any important job to the Indians.

We Indians are treated as sex slaves- both men and women. All the jobs given to the Indians are menial in nature, the chargesheet also quotes Majeed as saying.

When I asked my handler why I was being discriminated, he told me that Indians are not real fighters. They do not trust that Indians could wage such a tough war and hence we were being given menial jobs like cleaning etc, Majeed also told the NIA.

We had requested the handler several times to permit us to fight, but then he always refused, Majeed also stated.

Majeed's Indian handler

It was a person by the name Adil Dolaris who introduced Majeed to the ISIS. Majeed had always shown a keen interest, but it was Dolaris who introduced him to Rehman who is an Afghan national. Majeed says that he was also introduced to another Iraqi fighter, Ahmed Rateb Hussain with whom discussions were held on how to join the ISIS.

Rehman the Afghan national frequently travelled to India and he got in touch with people like us who wanted to join the ISIS. He even gave us Rs 1.25 lakh to travel to Iraq. The entire cost of the trip came up to Rs 2.40 lakh. The rest of the money we had collected and used it for our travel, Majeed says.

We Indians are treated as sex slaves- both men and women, says Majeed

We were told that once we landed in Bhagdad we would be received by a person called Abu Fatima. From here we were taken to Mosul and told that our training would begin. All of us were taken by Abu Fatima in a car to Mosul and we were told to stand outside a Mosque. From here another car came and picked us up, Majeed also states.

ISIS cancelled my assignement

At first I never got a feeling that I was being ignored. I even received training and my handler had also told me that I would have to drive an explosive laden vehicle into an enemy camp. I was excited and felt that my purpose of coming to Iraq had been served.

However for reasons known best to my handler, the assignment was cancelled. They felt that we Indians were not good enough for the job. However a few days later I was injured in an attack that was carried out in our camp. I begged for medical attention but was given none, Majeed also said.

These are the various circumstances that led me to return to India. I have no intention of going back there. Everything that the ISIS claims is false and there is no holy war being fought. It is all greed and personal vendetta, Majeed also tells the NIA.

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