Kushal Tandon and Ameesha Patel spat underlines the social hypocrisy

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Twitter is buzzing with murmurs regarding the verbal spat between two actors-Kushal Tandon and Ameesha Patel. Some back Ameesha, while others are mum looking for ways to find support for her. Surprisingly, there are some who stand by the truth and support Tandon, not because he is that handsome television soap star who teaches you values about life and family, but because he is right.

Recalling what happened would not be pleasant, but still for the sake of readers, let's run through what happened. The duo had separately gone to watch a movie in a theater hall in Juhu when Tandon found that Ameesha was not standing up for the national anthem and was fiddling with her phone.

Ameesha Patel-Kushal Tandon

Insulted, Tandon approached her (not figuring who she was in the dark) and asked her to respect the national anthem. The rest is history with Ameesha getting back with abusive statements on Twitter, calling him 'asshole' and 'jackass' and explaining her 'girly problem at that time of the month'.

Having said that, this conversation was not unpleasant alone, but also left behind a feeling of hopelessness for a society that still needs to learn what is right and what is wrong. WE may go gaga over women's rights and issues and how men have been exploiting us so on and so forth, but women cannot be always right too.

Admit that! its high time, we saw the other side of the coin and judged a situation accordingly.

Certainly, we have objections to things that Ameesha said, simply because they were objectionable, illogical and undermined women in a subtle manner.

Girly problem? Madam, its called periods aka monthly cycle aka mensuration; recall a chapter from your biology book in class 10 that explains the natural phenomena and please note, it is not a problem! It is a cycle that is essential to take forward the human race. Check, we do not want the theaters to be flooded with the blood, but we also do not want a road, a lobby or for that matter even your personal vehicle to be bloodied. If you could walk down the hall and grab a seat for the movie, you could very well stand for the national anthem for a minute.

We empathise with your condition, but we also know the limits.

Moreover, just for your information, one does not need to be famous to defend the national anthem. Forget Kushal Tandon, he is at least a known face among housewives. 'Jackass' you said, but did that effect Kushal? His answer to you would have said a lot. For the readers, forget feminism, stand by what is right.

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