Lalbagh bee tragedy: Vaishnavi's parents pour out their hearts

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Bengaluru, Sept 15: It was a normal weekend for 7-year-old Vaishnavi, who went to Lalbagh Botanical Garden along with her parents to watch the flower show on Independence Day, Aug 15. But, her family outing turned into a fatal tragedy as a swarm of bees stung her and she lost her life.

Just after the horrific incident, Guruprasad and Suguna, the bereaved parents of Vaishnavi, appealed to Horticulture Department and Lalbagh authorities to display a warning sign about colonies of bees to prevent such incidents.

For Vaishnavi's parents it is difficult to live without their beloved daughter, but the brave parents have made themselves mentally strong to come out of the tragedy.

While talking to OneIndia, at their residence in Kanakana Nagar, her parents mustered enough courage to talk and revive the rich memories of Vaishnavi.

Guruprasad is a software engineer working with a private company in the IT city.


In an exclusive chat with OneIndia, Suguna said, "It was Vaishnavi's wish to watch the flower show, as her friends also went to watch it. We never imagined that those were the last moments that we spent with her."

For parents, it is not an easy thing to forget the tragedy of losing a child, but Vaishnavi's parents, in a practical way, want to move ahead and do not want to simply regret over what has happened. Instead, they want that no other child or any person should suffer or lose his/her life in such a mishap.

Recalling the incident, Suguna said, "It is government's responsibility to impart training to policemen on how to tackle such incidents. [Bengaluru: Tragedy hits Lalbagh flower show; 7-year-old girl dies]

With a heavy heart and moist eyes, she said, "We pay taxes regularly, but sadly, we do not feel secured in our own country."

While mourning over her daughter's untimely demise, she appealed to the government by saying, "I want that government should take steps to spread awareness about how to avert such incidents", while adding that "last year also, same incident happened, but it did not come to light. Our government should be responsible to train police personnel and to find solutions to crackdown on such tragic incidents."


Although Vaishnavi's life was cut short by a swarm of bees in an unexpected freak incident, but the lackadaisical attitude of the administration and concerned authorities is also to be blamed.

Vaishnavi's incident should act as an eye opener for the Horticulture department. Warning signboards and nylon nets near beehives can prevent further fatal incidents. 

"Timely attention could have saved my daughter's life but no policeman came forward to help us in that situation. Had there been a medical aid facility at Lalbagh, then may be my daughter was alive today," she said.

Vaishnavi was a Class 2nd student in a private school, who now remains alive in the memories of her parents, relatives and friends. Her photographs at her home looks lively and light up her parents eyes.

At Lalbagh, a sapling has been planted in the name of Vaishnavi amid the lush green trees and colourful flowers.

While recalling days and time spent with Vaishnavi, Suguna said that "she was an excellent child, who never needed to be guided upon small things."

"Teachers have no complaints against her and she was getting A+ grade in her studies", Suguna concluded.

Vaishnavi was an extraordinary child, who herself chose her school to get admission. According to her age, Vaishnavi was a mature child unlike other children.


Vaishnavi's loss is irreparable for her parents and now they hope that government will take steps to prevent such incidents and no other parents suffer like them.

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