Radio Pakistan wants India to spend more money on health and education

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Abohar, Sep.19 (ANI): Radio Pakistan in its recent Punjabi Darbar programme has suggested that India should spend less on defence and more on education and health.

Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and Human Resources Minister Kapil Sibal should thank the Punjabi Darbar programme of Radio Pakistan for its support to their causes.

The Punjabi Durbar programme also wants India to have better relations with neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China.

Radio Pakistan should be happy to learn that there are many in India who want India to spend more on education and health.

"India has always walked on the path of non-violence shown by Mahatma Gandhi. But some countries like Pakistan are compelling us to spend more on defence. India has been forced to spend more on arms and ammunitions to ensure the safety of the country. If Pakistan was free from those who espouse terrorism and the Talibans, India could spend less on defence" said Renu Verma, Secretary of the Punjab Pradesh Mahila Congress.

"We can safeguard our country even without arms, as shown by Mahatma Gandhi who won freedom for the country without taking to arms. Even now, we buy arms and ammunitions under the given budget only," said Darshan Chugh, an educationist.

Radio Pakistan should know that India spends less percentage of its budget on defence than Pakistan. However, it is keen to spend more on education and welfare of the general public

In a country, where education and healthcare are the part of national policy and Prime Minister is personally earnestly taking interest in it, how can it be sidelined?

Broadcasters of the Radio Pakistan must know that India has never attacked any country in its history.

India is keen to maintain warm relations with its all neighbours. India has been forced to spend money on defence only because of the presence of terrorists and fundamentalists in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistan too is being threatened by them.

Radio Pakistan's broadcasters should tell the people of Pakistan that they should put pressure on the Government to spend more on development and less on military.

India would then spend less on its defence too. Radio Pakistan can be sure that its campaign will receive the support of Ghulam Nabi Azad and Kapil Sibal, even Pranab Mukherjee and Manmohan Singh. (ANI)

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