Sensor necklace as reminder for taking pills

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Washington, Mar 6 (UNI) Now you need not have to worry about forgetting to take your pills, as researchers have designed a sensor necklace that ensures you don't miss your doses.

The sensor necklace MagneTrace, designed by researchers of Georgia Institute of Technology, is embedded with magnetic sensors that can record when specially designed pills containing a tiny magnet passes through a person's esophagus.

It reminds the user if any doses are being missed, researcher Maysam Ghovanloo said in a statement.

The information recorded on a handheld wireless device, carried on the user's body, is passed on to the patient's doctor or family members over the internet. The device can notify both the patient and the doctor if the medicines are not taken at their proper time, according to the research published in the IEEE Sensors Journal.

''Forgetfulness is a huge problem, especially among the elderly, but so is taking the medication at the wrong time, stopping too early or taking the wrong dose,'' Dr Ghovanloo said.

The researchers also hope that the device would increase drug compliance and decrease unnecessary health care costs.

Researchers and pharmaceutical companies can also benefit from this technology to conduct more accurate clinical trials of new drugs.

''If each drug trial volunteer had to wear a MagneTrace necklace, the exact date, time and dose would be recorded, rather than relying on the patient's memory and honesty,'' Dr Ghovanloo said.

It may also reduce the size of clinical trials and the need to repeat them, the researchers said.

For patients unwilling to use the device as a neck-piece, MagneTrace sensor can be incorporated into a patch attached to their chest.


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