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Vegetarian shifts to animal diet; says he ejaculated after months


London, Feb 28: The debate between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian is eternal. Both sides claim victory over following a diet that is perfect for human survival. Though there seemed to be no end to this argument, the story of a vegan Youtuber might have sealed the deal in favour of the non-veg club.

Vegetarian shifts to animal diet; says he ejaculated after months

Tim Shieff recently revealed in an emotional video to his channel that after surviving on animal-free diet for six years, he decided to shift base to boost his health. In further shocking revelation, he said that he managed to "ejaculate for the first time in months" since quitting plant-based diet.

The 30-year-old said in his channel that he felt a big impact on his body that was not doing healthy after he started consuming raw eggs and salmon fish. He then also revealed that it was the consumption of animal product that helped him in ejaculating, something he did not for a long time.

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In the video that Shieff, who is from Derby, posted earlier this month, he said: "The first night after I had that salmon I had a wet dream - I hadn't ejaculated in months. Ya know, just to be honest with everyone, that turned something on within my body."

He said there is something natural in consuming animal products - a verdict which certainly will not impress his former club.

Shieff also told his subscribers that he had been hit by issues related to digestion, depression, fatigue, lack of energy, etc. because of restriction of diet.

Shieff, who is also known for drinking his own urine, faced the consequences after his shocking revelations as he has been removed from ethical clothing company ETHCS which he himself had founded. The firm said Shieff was looked up to as "inspirational example for veganism" but his change of lifestyle was something that disappointed them.

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