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Amid Doklam standoff, China's Xinhua News Agency mocks India in racist video

By Chennabasaveshwar

A state-run Chinese media outlet has uploaded a video containing slanderous depictions of Indians in the wake of escalating tensions between Beijing and New Delhi.

Amid Doklam standoff, China's Xinhua News Agency mocks India
    Sikkim Standoff: Chinese media outlet uploads video mocking India | Oneindia News

    Chinese news agency Xinhua released an English-language video about ongoing border clashes between Indian and Chinese troops near a tri-junction area that borders Bhutan, India and Tibet.

    The video description on YouTube channel goes like this: ''Two months after India's trespassing upon the UNDISPUTED Chinese territory. It's time for India to confess its SEVEN SINS.''

    In a video called "Seven Sins of India," a Chinese male speaking in an Indian accent, sporting a turban and fake facial hair. The video listed seven examples of alleged mistakes made by New Delhi in the border standoff.

    1. Trespassing

    2. Violating bilateral convention

    3. Trampling International law

    4. Confusing right and wrong

    5. Putting blame on victim

    6. Hijacking small neighbour

    7. Sticking to mistake knowingly

    The video mocked India's concern about Chinese road construction in the disputed zone, which it likened to a man "building a path in his garden." It also referred to India's defense of Bhutan as a "hijack" of its smaller neighbor.

    At the end of the video the presenter talks why China should not negotiate with India over Doklam. "Do you negotiate with a robber who had just broken into your house... No, you call 911...."

    India and China have been locked in a face-off in the Doklam area for the last 50 days after Indian troops stopped the Chinese People's Liberation Army from building a road in the area.

    The racist video comes a few days after a top American defence expert has said India is "behaving like a mature power" in the Doklam standoff in the Sikkim section and making China look like an adolescent throwing a tamper tantrum.

    (With agency inputs)

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