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Will the MBCs back the BJP again in Purvanchal?

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, May 15: One of the main deciding factors in the final phase of the elections in Uttar Pradesh would be the MBC or Most Backward Caste factor.

Polling will be held in the final phase of the Lok Sabha elections in Purvanchal or eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Will the MBCs back the BJP again in Purvanchal?

All parties have attempted to mobilise the MBC votes in their favour considering their importance. Under the MBCs fall communities such as the Nishad, Bind, Kashyap, Nai, Dhiman, Mali, Fakir, Lohar among others. They form a large chunk of the population in Sant Kabir Nagar, Gorakhpur, Salempur, Varanasi and Baliya.

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The MBCs constitute 10.22 per cent of the population within the OBCs who account for 43.56 per cent of the total population in Uttar Pradesh.

A News 18 article states that political parties have struck alliances and also distributed tickets keeping this factor in mind. The BJP has offered seats to Rajbhar leaders in eastern UP to seek the support of this crucial group, the report also states.

While the Congress is targeting the Saithwars, who constitute a large chunk of the population in this region, the Samajwadi Party is targeting 17 MBC castes on the promise that they would fight for their SC status.

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In the 2014 Lok Sabha and 2017 assembly elections, the MBCs largely backed the BJP.

This time around their votes are unlikely to be cast on the basis of a party. These groups are likely to vote on the basis of the candidate depending on which caste he or she belongs to.

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