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Rage over extra-marital affairs: One man went on stabbing spree, other gifted killer Beretta

By Vishal S

New Delhi, July 26: Extra-marital affair or the mere suspicion of it can drive people to madness. It can fill people with so much bitterness that they resort to extreme violence. It is as if they have been possessed by desire to avenge, a desire to kill someone who they think is responsible for discord in their marital life.

Rage over extra-marital affairs: One man went on stabbing spree, other gifted killer Beretta

Last week, a man went on a violent stabbing spree in Mumbai over suspicion that his wife and the husband of his sister were having an affair. He killed his sister and left wife critically wounded.

What has now come to fore is that a Delhi man, who suspected his wife of having an affair, hired a contract killer and gifted him with a Rs 6 lakh worth Beretta pistol. The man, Sonu Pandit, suspected his wife of having an affair with a businessman. He wanted to get the businessman killed, so hired a contract killer, Kulveer Dagar, from Delhi's Najafgarh, HT report said.

Suspicion of affair between wife, brother-in-law; Man goes on stabbing spree, kills sister

Pandit gave Dagar an expensive Beretta and told him to keep it as payment for gunned down his wife's alleged lover, a resident of Hari Nagar.

Dagar fired at the alleged lover, but the bullet is said to have hit the window and ricocheted off the wall. The businessman managed to escape unhurt while the attacker fled the spot. This happened on July 23.

Dagar has now been arrested along with Beretta pistol and two bullets, HT report quoted police as saying.

"Pandit had provided him with the high-end Beretta pistol to shoot the businessman who he suspected was having an affair with his wife. The payment was the Beretta pistol itself, which is quite expensive. After the shooting, Dagar was supposed to keep the Beretta pistol as his payment," said Deputy commissioner of police (crime) Joy Tirkey, as per Hindustan times report.

In Mumbai, Nagesh Lad, a resident of Nerul, earlier this month stabbed his wife Jyotshna in her neck and stomach, and then slashed her throat, then later, he went to his sister, Sunita's place and stabbed her repeatedly

He had a suspicion that his wife Jyotsna and his sister Sunita's husband, Ajay Singh, had an affair.

Nagesh was apparently out on bail for about a month. He was imprisoned for a violent act which had caused grevious injury. Since, Jyotsna and Singh used to visit Nagesh together in jail and also attend court hearings, his suspicions only kept growing stronger. Jyotsna had also left Nagesh's home and was staying with her parents along with two-year-old son at Kukshet village at Nerul, sector 14. Despite Nagesh getting bail, Jyotsna did not go to stay with him, a The Hindu report quoted senior police inspector Rajendra Chavan, Nerul police station, as saying.

In fit of anger, Nagesh went to Jyotshna's parents' home and the couple is said to have had a heated converstion, following which he stabbed Jyotshna in her neck and stomach, and slashed her throat. After that he went to Singh's home in Nerul, and called for his brother-in-law, said reports. Sunita Singh did not allow her husband, but instead convinced Lad to take a walk with her. After a while, Nagesh stabbed her repeatedly.

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