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ISRO-ICHR team up to trace India’s roots as the Vishwa Guru of science, technology

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Tracing India's scientific and technological roots is important as true Indian history has gradually become legend and legend has become a myth.

New Delhi, Nov 29: The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will work together to trace the history of India's contribution in the field of science and technology.

During the exercise, evidence from ancient scriptures with the objective of establishing India as the 'Vishwa Guru' (global leader) in several scientific domains will be used, reports said.

ISRO-ICHR team up to trace India’s roots as the Vishwa Guru of science, technology

The ICHR and ISRO will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to undertake the project which will be titled 'History of Indian Science and Technology'. The project will cost Rs 1.5 crore and will see the production of six volumes. Two each would be dedicated to ancient, medieval and modern periods.

According to ICHR member secretary, Umesh Ashok Kadam the project will involve a pool of academicians from both science and history backgrounds. He further said that there is a huge amount of information available in our ancient Dharam Grantham (religious) scriptures about India's rich history of science and technology. However, that has not been tapped by historians as yet who refute it and call it a myth, he said. "We will read the texts properly and understand the historical and scientific content," Kadam also said.

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The report, while citing an ISRO official, said that the move has been hailed as it would bring win modern and ancient knowledge together. The official also said that ISRO is happy to be onboard and a conference was held recently to discuss the same. "We need to embrace our history and thesis what holds India apart from the rest of the world," the unnamed official also said.

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Kadam went on to add that people should not ascribe motives to the ICHR. He said that ICHR is a body that is completely dedicated to academics and has nothing to do with politics. Let the work come out and then people can decide for themselves. The work will be released in public domain and if it is not up to the mark, people will not follow it. The people who accuse ICHR of being politically driven are themselves who belong to politburos, he added.

Kadam said while academics, including Indian ones accept astronomical or astrological theories of the Egyptians, Greeks and Persians at face value, they term those involving Indian rishis or sages as myths. "The problem is that the true Indian history has gradually become legend and legend has become myth, he added. Now we need to review that myth and reassess the legend and tell the world about India's true contribution in science.The rishis should be seen as religious personalities. They must be seen as academicians," Kadam added.

A team of geologists, geographers, mathematicians and engineers will provide inputs and suggestions. "All we want to do is to have proper historical understanding of what exactly the contribution of India has been in the field of science and technology in the medieval and modern world. We are aiming to establishing that India has always been the Vishwa Guru in the field of science and technology," he said.

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