Indians across the country have "same DNA": Subramanian Swamy

Posted By: PTI
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Chennai, Mar 24: Stating that BJP wants to unite the people, party leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said Indians across the country have the "same DNA" and his genes and that of Muslims are identical.

Blaming the British colonialists for "systematically dividing the people", he said, "we do not want to divide anybody, we want to unite people".

Subramanian Swamy

"Even the Muslims have the same DNA as myself," he added. Emphasising the need for correct history to be taught to the people, Swamy said that "the theory of Aryans and Dravidians was bogus".

Referring to the theory of genetics and testing of DNA, he listed universities like Cambridge, Houston and Mysore which "show that DNA of all Indians from east to west, north to south, is the same".

"There is no difference in the DNA between the Varnas (as well). The Brahmin DNA and the Scheduled Caste DNA is the same. It is a question of education," the BJP leader said.

Referring to Dr BR Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution, Swamy said he went on to achieve great heights fuelled by a relentless pursuit of education. "That is what education can do in this country. Anyone who is properly educated is equal to anybody else," he said. Participating in a felicitation for Kanchi seer Jayendra Saraswathi, he praised the services of the pontiff and the mutt to the people and society. "I hope that a national renaissance in (our) country will come and he (Jayendra Saraswathi) will be able to unite everybody. "Therefore, to make India one nation, as children of Bharat Mata, that should be the goal and I know Swamiji has inspired people and he will continue to give his blessings to us," said Swamy. He also said the teachings of Kanchi Mutt and the acharyas gave him the courage to take on his rivals. PTI VGN RC KKM

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