Another twist in Sheena Bora murder case: Peter was introduced to Indrani by Alyque Padamsee

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In a guest column of the Telegraph, noted writer Suhel Seth recounts his first meeting with Indrani and how Peter had reacted to it.

Acquaintances for 15 years, Suhel Seth and Peter had turned out to be good friends and how they hung out together. They were introduced to Indrani when they were having a casual meeting over drinks at the The Library Bar then at The President. Suhel describes:


"In walked this rather beautiful woman Indrani, escorted to the bar by Alyque Padamsee. Alyque said hello to all of us and I took the initiative of asking Indrani (and not Alyque) to join us at the table. Also with us at the table was Sapna who was then Peter's girlfriend."

Seth recalls that Indrani was charming and Peter was taken by her immediately. He also recalls meeting her at CC&FC and her broken marriage and a daughter Vidhie. Seth further recalls how Peter was smitten by her and left his then girlfriend Sapna in other's care and left with Indrani.

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He also said,"I came back to Delhi two days later and then called Indrani and asked her where she was. Bachelors can be very wicked. No sooner had I put the phone down, I got a call from Peter saying he was very serious about her and was considering marrying her, so I should perhaps see her in a different light. From that moment on, I did."

After three months of courtship from there, the duo decided to get married. It was apparently a small affair with very close friends, but no one from her side, except for Vidhie.

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After Peter's departure from STAR, the duo started their own media house INX and that is when the friends lost touch. A few years later, Indrani and Peter called to announce that they were selling the business and going off to United Kingdom where Vidhie was studying.

Suhel recalls that the last time he was saw the couple was in London where he had gone to deliver a speech. They had drinks and dinner together.

Speaking specifically of Indrani, Suhel said that Indrani was driven and very ambitious. Peter was an indulgent husband.

Still in deep shock after the news of Indrani broke out, Suhel said,"Peter too must be as aghast and deeply shocked. But then we shall have to wait for the truth to emerge which I am sure will follow in due course.

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This is a horrible travesty and one which Peter will have to live through. This is not the time to prey like vultures but instead to wait for the investigations to be completed. If it emerges that Indrani did kill Sheena Bora, then the consequences will be fierce as they will be devastating."

(For our readers: Alyque Padamsee is a renowned Indian theater personality and ad film maker. He is probably best known in the English-speaking world for playing Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the film Gandhi)

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