Twists in sensational murder case: Did Indrani Mukherjea kill Sheena Bora for love affair or money?

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Mumbai, Aug 26: After Indrani Mukherjea's arrest, 2012 murder case of Sheena Bora has taken new turns. One after another twists complicated the case.

While Indrani Mukherjea's husband claimed that Sheena had an affair with his son Rahul Mukherjea, media suggested that Sheena might have been killed over money.

Sheena Bora and Indrani Mukherjea

Sheena, daughter of Indrani, had gone missing in 2012. Now, police discovered that it was her mother who had instructed her driver to kill Sheena.

Indrani is the wife of Peter, former CEO of INX Media. The former media honcho claimed that he chose to overlook the relationship as both Sheena and Rahul were adults and could take their own decisions. Rahul is Peter Mukherjea's son from an earlier marriage.

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"Sheena was in a relationship with my son, which Indrani disapproved of," Peter Mukherjea said. He also said that he was told by Indrani that Sheena was her sister.

He said he had no clue that Sheena was actually Indrani's daughter from her earlier marriage. He said that he had always believed that Sheena was Indrani's sister.

It was reported that Indrani might have killed Sheena as she was upset over her daughter's affair with her step son.

However, many media reports suggested that Sheena was murdered not because of her love affair with Rahul, but because of money.

Money angle in the case:

Indrani got married to Peter Mukherjea in 2002. Before their marriage, Indrani was a HR consultant and Peter was the CEO of Star India.
It was second marriage for both individuals.

Five years after their marriage, the couple in 2007 founded INX media and INX News. However, they exited from the media group which was renamed 9X Media in 2009.

After global recession in 2008, Tamasek, a Singapore-based company, had invested in the 9X Media group. Tamasek got the media company audited.

During the audit, Peter and Indrani allegedly had siphoned off huge sums of money from the company in the name of various family members, including Indrani's daughter Sheena.

Now, media reports suggested that Sheena might have refused to return the money which was debited to her account. Sheena's refusal might have forced Indrani to hatch the murder conspiracy.

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Sheena was Indrani's daughter and not sister:

Peter Mukherjea himself was shocked to discover that Sheena was Indrani's daughter and not her sister. He claimed that Indrani had introduced Sheena as her sister.

However, after her arrest, Indrani reportedly confessed that Sheena was her daughter from one of her previous relationships. She also has a son from the same relationship.

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