UK: Sexsomnia patient set free despite raping teenage girl

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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London, Jul 6: Has anyone ever heard of a health condition wherein a man walks in sleep to rape a teenaged girl? Well, not many would have but strange things do happen and a similar case has come to the fore in Britain, where the convict has been set free by the court and that too without having to serve any sentence.

The accused, however has been empathised by a court of law and has managed to walk free after convincing the jury that he was actually suffering from 'sexsomnia', a sleeping disorder.

Stephen Lee Davies, the person in question, told the jury he could not remember having sexual intercourse with the girl, this despite speaking to her at the said time, and then leaving his bedroom to make a hot drink later.

Daily Mail reported that the court even heard that Davies sent a text message to the girl the next day to check if they had been intimate.

The incident so occurred when a 16-year old girl was staying overnight at the Davies' home and upon feeling ill during went to sleep in his bedroom because it was cool. The girl is then reported as saying to the jury that she woke up to find Davies having sex with her.

At the court, the 43-year old man pleaded ignorance of having sex with girl and said that he was already asleep and had no idea if she was there.

Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre and founder of the British Sleep Society, has been reported as saying that Davies showed all signs of suffering from sexsomnia - a disorder that involves the occurrence of sexual acts.

The acts can range from fondling to intercourse - and all that during sleep.

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