K.P Samy gives ultimatum to MIC President S. Samy Vellu to unite Indians

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Kuala Lumpur June 23 (ANI): Expelled MIC central working committee member K.P Samy has asked the President of MIC S. Samy Vellu to unite the Indian community by early July.

He warned that he would hold a gathering the dubbed Dawn For The Indian Community on July 4 in case he fails in his attempt.

He assured that if Vellu reinstates all expelled party members and revives the branches made defunct during his tenure as president, the July 4 gathering would be cancelled.

"About 100,000 party members had been expelled after their branches were made redundant during Samy Vellu's 30-year tenure as president," The Star quoted K.P Samy, as saying.

Earlier, Samy Vellu had urged Indians in Malaysia to unite to avoid fragmentation, loosing power at the center.

"The gathering on July 4 will be a platform for us to meet the people and get their verdict on what we should do next," Samay added. (ANI)

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