Meet 'sexsomniac' Belle Floor who turns into a sex addict while sleeping!

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Melbourne, Dec 2 (ANI): A 32-year-old woman has described her torment coping with a mysterious disorder, which turns her into a sex addict when she is asleep.

Belle Floor, from Almelo in Holland, is a Sexsomniac, which means she engages in sexual acts while she is sleeping and cannot remember anything the next day.

She even set up her own support website six years ago offering advice and support to people suffering from the same disorder after doctors and psychologists failed to work out what was wrong.

Floor's condition has already caused the break-up of one relationship and now the school administrator is too embarrassed to let boyfriends stay over.

"He never really believed I had no control over it and took it as a slur on his sexual prowess," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"I've been on a few dates since but I haven't had men stay over with me, because I don't want to get serious with them," she added.

Belle first discovered her disturbing disorder in 1999 when her ex-boyfriend Justin, 47, a construction worker, confronted her.

Floor said: "Out of the blue one evening he asked me why I played with myself at night. I denied it because I couldn't remember ever doing it." (ANI)

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