Potter fans slam latest film after viewing secret test screening

Posted By: Staff
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London, March 12 (ANI): 'Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince' has been slammed as "pointless" by fans who went to its secret test screening in the US.

The sixth adventure in the Harry Potter series sees Daniel Radcliffe as adolescent wizard Harry, learning to crush his enemy Voldemort.

According to disappointed fans, the film, due to be released on July 17, made key characters and plot-lines vanish from author J K Rowling's best-seller.

"The film is dominated by romance - Ron with Lavender Brown, Ginny with Dean Thomas, Hermione's growing love for Ron, Ron's potion-affected desire for Romilda Vane, and ultimately Harry and Ginny," the Sun quoted a fan as saying.

Another one said: "Anyone who has read the book will be severely disappointed."

Scenes in the movie, particularly the death of a major character, left fans enraged with the way it was handled.

A fan said: "It partially blows what may be the biggest surprise of the entire franchise."

Another one added: "The last third of this movie is so incredibly mishandled the death feels more like an unfortunate accident than genuine tragedy." (ANI)

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