Deserted roads, flood of SMSs greet Delhiites on poll day

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New Delhi, Nov 29 (UNI) Nine out of ten voters were seen trying to rub off the 'vote mark' on their index finger. Though proudly displaying it to their near and dear ones accompanying them later, each did make an effort to wipe it off. While some were seen rubbing it with their other hand some even tried washing it off with water.

Surprisingly, one even tried scratching it out with a pen knife.

******** Most Delhi roads wore almost a deserted look with private vehicles mostly keeping off the main roads. Colony lanes, however, were seen choked at points either near polling booths or where party stalls had been set up to distribute 'slips' for voters.

********* Mobile owners were flooded with SMSs seeking their attention. While some sought their 'vote and support' for a parlicular party, others talked of 'issues' facing the nation. Some were educational - on the imperativeness of going to vote and some more 'alerted' voters on the pros and cons of voting for one party or the other. The last, in the evening, even sent a 'thank you' message regardless of the recepient being eligible to vote or not.

******** Some proud citizens were seen 'wearing' their Voter I-cards on their neck like garlands. One gentleman even had it encased in a fashionable, coloured pouch and hung on his neck.

********* Some people, specially the old and infirm, were seen complaining about the height of steps at schools which they would have to climb before they cast their vote. Though ramps were seen at most polling booths, the elderly did find it cumbersome to 'scale' them before they could reach the ballot box.

*********** Children in colourful clothes were seen accompanying their parents at most places, specially those between 2 and 6 years. They questioned their elders on the necessity of the 'poll mark' on the finger, on the 'whys' of casting the ballot, and some seeking explanation as to why were they wasting their 'chhutti' (holiday) standing in queues.

************ Numerous disappointed 'eligible voters' were seen complaining about the 'system' as to despite having voter I-cards they did not find their names on the voters' list. Some others had ther names in the voting list but no voter I-cards. Others were seen complaining about not being allowed to vote just because they didn't have any identification card though ''mujhe sab log yahan jante hain (though everyone here knows me)''.

************ Two sets of families were seen, at intervals, complaining that two out of their four members' name from the voters list had been deleted, despite they having voted in the last elections for the municipal corporation. Another couple had the name missing in the voters' list though they had been issued 'slips' at their homes.

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