Ex-King Gyanendra and Maoists had deal to imprison leaders: Koirala

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Kathmandu, Oct 26 (UNI) Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has said that the Maoists have appeared as vestiges of totalitarianism and his party would launch a new movement for peace and democracy, local media reports said here today.

NC would spearhead the second movement for establishing peace and a democratic republic, Kantipur quoted Mr Koirala as saying in Biratnagar.

''The remarks of Maoist chairman and Prime Minister Prachanda [Pushpa Kamal Dahal] and his activities indicate vestiges of the dictatorial King,'' he said.

''In 2007 [1950 AD] the Nepali Congress had launched its revolution and this time it is making a clarion call for peace,'' Mr Koirala said, adding ''Every Nepali wants peace based on democracy.'' Recalling the first dialogue with the Maoist leadership in Delhi before reaching the 12-point agreement, the ex-premier said there was no ground for saying that the Maoists and ex-king Gyanendra had not forged a tacit understanding to imprison the leaders of the democratic and other small parties before the democratic movement of April, 2006.

Mr Koirala disclosed that Maoist chairman Dahal had then admitted having met Gyanendra and that then Gyanendra had proposed putting all political party leaders in prison.

He said Mr Dahal's remarks on a people's republic and Prachandapath as an alternative to the democratic system were indicative of dictatorial feudalism.

He alleged that the Maoists have attempted to appoint 'judges' of their people's courts to the district courts and the Supreme Court and their plan to integrate their politically indoctrinated combatants into the national army was aimed at bringing the army in their favour.

''This strategy of the Maoists is 100 per cent against democracy,'' he said.

In his 25-minute speech, Mr Koirala vehemently opposed the idea of integrating the Maoist combatants into the national army.

''There is no justification for the Maoists seeking consensus on integration of their combatants while flouting the politics of unity, consensus and cooperation,'' he added.

Stating that Maoist Constitutent Assembly members taking weapons inside the Assembly Hall was yet another attack against democracy, Mr Koirala urged the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) to withdraw all the weapons it had allowed the Maoists to keep for personal security.

Senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba alleged that the Maoists were bent on bringing instability.

Vice president of the party Ram Chandra Poudel said ''the Maoists were trying to invite civil war by integrating their combatants into the national army.'' The coalition partners have also started to voice against the government.

One of the coalition partner of the government, CPN, UML leader and former deputy prime minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari had said yesterday that the Maoist-led government had failed while two democratic party of Terai have opposed the idea of integration of Maoists combatants into the national army.


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