History will judge Tony Blair as significant as Churchill: Cherie

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London, Oct 1 : Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife, Cherie Blair, has predicted that history will judge her husband as significant a world figure as Sir Winston Churchill. Blair also admitted that she was not a success in her role as "First Lady", and was ridiculed by Tory MPs for comparing her husband to Britain's greatest wartime leader, The Telegraph reported.

In an interview with Vanity Fair she said that Tony Blair would be judged "very well" by history and that "he'll be up there with Churchill".

One Tory MP said: "In 50 years time we will still be talking about Churchill and Thatcher but it will be Tony who?"

Blair was less effusive on her own role as consort to the Prime Minister. "Just look at the press cuttings, you couldn't say that it was a triumph, could you!" she said.

Blair also admitted that her husband had not reacted well to her decision to disclose in her memoirs "Speaking For Myself" that their son Leo was conceived on their annual weekend at Balmoral with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

Blair revealed that when she was in Downing Street she followed the advice she had been given by Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady, The Telegraph reported.

"Hillary said to me: 'You have to realise you're not going to please all the people all the time, and there are going to be some people you're never going to be able to please. So you must be true to yourself and to the people you know and respect.'

"It's a difficult role, to be First Lady. That's why I admire Hillary so much. She played that role, and she also showed us she could play the role of president too," she added.

Blair said that she felt a "deep sense of relief" that she was no longer the Prime Minister's wife when Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France came to Britain on a state visit.

Blair said she would have hated the inevitable comparisons when she was photographed next to her.

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