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Total Lunar Eclipse updates: World witnesses last Lunar Eclipse until 2025

By Anuj Cariappa
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New Delhi, Nov 08: Skywatchers from across the world were treated to the rare spectacle of a "Beaver blood moon" on Tuesday as the Earth, moon and sun aligned to produce a total lunar eclipse for the last time until 2025.

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A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth casts its shadow completely over a full moon, blocking reflection of all direct sunlight from the lunar orb and dimming the color of the moon to a reddish hue, hence the term "blood moon."

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022: Catch all the LIVE UPDATES here

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7:36 PM, 8 Nov
Updates to this live blog have ended.
7:18 PM, 8 Nov
Moon partially covered by the earth's shadow during lunar eclipse, in New Delhi.
7:16 PM, 8 Nov
Moon partially covered by the earth's shadow during lunar eclipse, in Kolkata, Tuesday.
6:42 PM, 8 Nov
A glimpse of the lunar eclipse in India.
6:18 PM, 8 Nov
Radha Krishna Birla Mandir and Lake Kalibari temples in Kolkata have been closed due to lunar eclipse.
5:53 PM, 8 Nov
Visuals of India's last Lunar Eclipse of the year, from Patna
5:53 PM, 8 Nov
Visuals of India's last Lunar Eclipse of the year, from Guwahati.
5:45 PM, 8 Nov
Lunar eclipse from Melbourne
5:34 PM, 8 Nov
The Moon has exited the Earth’s umbra and now, the totality comes to an end and the red colour of the Moon will begin to fade.
5:25 PM, 8 Nov
The total lunar eclipse from South Korea!
5:22 PM, 8 Nov
Bengaluru and Hyderabad will witness a partial Lunar Eclipse at 05:43 pm and 05:57 pm, respectively.
5:18 PM, 8 Nov
WATCH: Lunar eclipse in totality!
5:07 PM, 8 Nov
Couldn't get the Lunar Eclipse timelapse in one take but still pretty cool, wrote a twitter user.
5:05 PM, 8 Nov
Got the kid up early for this Lunar Eclipse, posted a Twitter user.
3:54 PM, 8 Nov
Take a look at the stunning pictures of the celestial phenomenon shared by netizens.
3:52 PM, 8 Nov
Lunar Eclipse in Bengaluru will start at 05:53 PM and ends at 06:18 PM. The total duration of the lunar eclipse would be of 24 minutes and 47 seconds.
3:50 PM, 8 Nov
Are eclipses harmful to human beings?
3:48 PM, 8 Nov
NASA live stream
3:47 PM, 8 Nov
According to Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences, the next lunar eclipse which will be visible from India is on 28th October, 2023 and the same is a partial eclipse.
3:20 PM, 8 Nov
While several popular Hindu shrines and temples have shut their doors to avoid ill-effects of the total lunar eclipse, there are some temples which remain open even during Sutak period.
3:18 PM, 8 Nov
Eclipse is considered inauspicious in astrology. Therefore, Tulsi and Kush leaves are used for purification. Tulsi leaves should be kept in the food cooked at home before the sutak period. It is believed that it does not contaminate the food.
10:49 AM, 8 Nov
Badrinath Dham temple closed for the lunar eclipse. The temple will re-open at 6:25 pm after the eclipse: Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee chairman Ajendra Ajay
10:43 AM, 8 Nov
The Mumbaikars will also see a partial lunar eclipse and so will the Bengaluru folks. The residents of NCR, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Srinagar will also see a partial lunar eclipse.
10:43 AM, 8 Nov
While Delhi will be able to see the partial lunar eclipse, people in Kolkata can see the total lunar eclipse.
10:43 AM, 8 Nov
Check the start and end timing of lunar eclipse in major cities
9:25 AM, 8 Nov
Kanpur, UP | Temple doors to remain closed due to lunar eclipse today, devotees seen offering prayers from outside
9:16 AM, 8 Nov
The second total lunar eclipse of 2022 is visible from Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America.
8:15 AM, 8 Nov
According to drikpanchang, Chandra Grahan Sutak will start at 9:21 AM on November 8. Chandra Grahan Sutak will end at 6:18 PM on November 8.
8:14 AM, 8 Nov
The period preceding the eclipse is known as Sutak. Sutak is regarded as an inauspicious period by Hindus. In the case of the Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse, the Sutak Kaal typically begins 9 hours before the actual start of the Chandra Grahan.
8:07 AM, 8 Nov
The total eclipse will end at around 17:11 hours and ultimately the partial eclipse will end around 18:19 hours.

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