I guarantee future of India's youth, says Modi in Varanasi

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Varanasi, Dec 20: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed the Vijay Shankhnaad Rally at Khajuri village here on Friday. He will be accompanied by BJP president Rajnath Singh and other senior party leaders and karyakartas.

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3.30 pm

Narendra Modi concludes his speech.

3.29 pm

"People want to see the second BJP government to come to power. They are uprooting Congress governments and electing BJP governments."

3.26 pm

"People have to get recommendation for a job. In Gujarat, we have made it easier through technology which makes it transparent."

"The youth of our country don't want favours. I guarantee the future of India's youth."

3.20 pm

Modi speaks about the sari industry in Varanasi.

"Had the industry been developed, today it would have employed lakhs of individuals."

3.19 pm

"Congress says we are thieves. Yes, we are thieves, we have stolen its sleep."

3.17 pm

Modi indirectly criticises Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for saying that poverty is a state of mind. "They make fun of poverty," he said.

3.15 pm

Modi takes on the Centre on poverty, says the Congress remembers the poor only at the time of elections.

"One family has kept the nation in poverty all these days."

"Hume chai bechna manzoor hai, desh bechna manzoor nahi" (I can sell tea but can't tolerate selling my country)

"One UPA leader called me tea seller but is it a crime to make a living out of it?"

3.08 pm

"The government lets grains rot in godowns while people go hungry. It's not that they just suffer economically but they get hurt."

"The govt let these rotten grains for making alcohol. It is an insult to the farmers."

3.05 pm

"The farmers of UP can feed entire Europe. But they can't feed themselves. They do so much of hard work but all their efforts go down the drain."

3.00 pm

"UP is not about seats, I think it's an insult to the state. The importance of the state must be seen in terms of development. A developed UP is necessary for the development of India."

"It is the people of UP who had once formed Ram Rajya once. So why can't they do it today. It is because you haven't chosen the right government. You don't have the right leaders."

2.58 pm

"I haven't come with promises. I have come to deliver."

2.56 pm

"Often people ask me what will you do after coming to power. I tell them, I don't say anything, I do."

"Come to Gujarat, see how we have cleaned Sabarmati River. If Sabarmati can be cleaned, why not Ganga?"

2.53 pm

"To get a Shuddh Ganga, we first need to have a Shuddh Delhi and Lucknow."

2.50 pm

"The Congress has used the Ganga for vote-bank politics since the days of Rajiv Gandhi. Today, the people want to know where all the money meant for cleaning up the Ganga has gone."

2.49 pm

Modi takes on the Centre on Ganga-cleaning project. "The Centre has done nothing for cleaning of the Ganga, which is a symbol of our culture. They have pnly held three meetings in five years."

2.46 pm

"The 2014 Lok Sabha election will not be fought by parties or a person. It will be fought by people."

2.45 pm

"The people of India are desperate to uproot the current government in Delhi."

2.41 pm

Narendra Modi begins to speak amid chanting from the crowd.

2.40 pm

Rajnath concludes speech.

2.37 pm

Rajnath Singh mocks Congress over the recent assembly elections. "The Congress have got a consolation prize by winning Mizoram. In Delhi, it has been reduced to 8 MLAs from 43. They can send their MLAs to the assembly in a 8-seater car."

2.35 pm

Rajnath slams the UPA government for 'compromising' with hostile neighbours.

2.30 pm

"The credit for the Lokpal Bill should go to Anna Hazare and BJP and not the Congress," Rajnath said, thanking Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj also.

2.29 pm

"We have a proposal to help the farmers. It is through Krishi Amdani Bima Yojana. Prices are skyrocketing yet the Congress and its allies are not doing anything. Only Atal Bihari Vajpayee succeeded in curbing rising prices."

2.27 pm

"Politics should not be just about vote-bank or forming government. It should be about building the society and the nation."

2.26 pm

"The UP government has done nothing to improve law and order, development or the uplift of the farmers. It has only allowed riots to happen and releasing terrorists."

2.23 pm

"India should have become a superpower by now but the Congress has not let it become."

2.18 pm

Rajnath Singh recalls his old connection with Varanasi. "I was born here, I even studied here. I have been coming here since my childhood. Have seen many Sabhas but nothing like this," he said.

2.16 pm

BJP president Rajnath Singh speaks.

2.15 pm

"Jay Jawan, Jay Kishan, Jay Vigyan, Jai Hindustan."

2.12 pm

"The government ignored the peasants and had they been looked after, India would not have food problem and the peasants' lives would have been secured. The youth would also have found jobs."

2.10 pm

"When a central government will be formed under Narendra Modi, nobody will dare to challenge India."

"We need a strong government at the Centre."

2.09 pm

"The Centre is sitting idle even when our enemies are killing our soldiers or entering our land at the borders."

"We must develop the eastern parts (Poorvanchal) of the state," Joshi said.

2.07 pm

"The government has failed to protect our women and it has also failed to protect our women diplomat overseas."

2.03 pm

Senior BJP leader and former Union minister Murli Manohar Joshi addresses the rally.

2.00 pm

Modi reaches stage. Leaders welcome him.

1.55 pm

Modi's chopper reaches venue.

1.40 pm

Lalji Tandon speaks.

1.20 pm

Modi reaches Varanasi.

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Local leaders are speaking at the moment. Those present on the occasion include state BJP chief Laxmikant Bajpayi, former UP chief minister Kalyan Singh, party's UP in-charge for the Lok Sabha polls Amit Shah, senior leader Lalji Tandon and others.

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