We need a better J&K, not a beggar J&K: Narendra Modi at Jammu

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Jammu, Dec 1: Two persons were killed in a blast here ahead of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's Lalkaar rally. Security arrangements were beefed in and around M A Stadium, the venue of the rally in the heart of the Jammu city.

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Teams from the Gujarat Police as well local police and Central Reserve Police Force left no stone unturned to ensure foolproof security for the rally. Six persons were killed in blasts during Modi's rally in Patna on October 27, resulting in a major political fight between the BJP and its opponent parties.

Restrictions were imposed on several roads as part of the security measures. The army also extended a helping hand to the police and administration to ensure safety and security in and around Jammu.

Modi will be assisted by BJP president Rajnath Singh and senior leader Arun Jaitley during the visit. This will be Modi's first visit to the state of Jammu and Kashmir since his anointment as the party's prime ministerial candidate. Modi will return to Delhi on Sunday afternoon.

Modi concludes his speech.

2.35 pm

"For a govt, it should be always India first. The government has only one mantra, which is development for all."

"I am challenging those in power from this stage."

2.32 pm

"Can't an IIM be made in Jammu and Kashmir?"

"No PM came to Jammu and Kashmir before Atal Bihai Vajpayee for 14 years. He preached three mantras: Insaniyat, Jammuriyat, Kashmiriyat."

2.25 pm

"Why not a road to Kailash be laid through Leh? Nepal is reaping the benefits now. Why can't J&K take the benefits?"

"J&K had been a popular venue for film shooting. Why didn't the Indian government focus on J&K on the 100th year of Indian cinema. There could be a film institute here."

2.23 pm

"Can't J&K be made an improved state through boosting the tourism and herbal medicine industry?"

2.21 pm

"They don't want Jammu and Kashmir to be strong. They want it to be a beggar but the state will prove it is a better state and not a beggar state."

"Should Jammu and Kashmir be a separate state or a super state?"

2.16 pm

Modi attacks Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah. "Has Omar's sister has got the same right as like him?"

2.12 pm

"Discrimination is being made between men and women in the state."

"Corruption is rampant in Jammu and Kashmir. Should law to prevent corruption be there in the state or not."

2.11 pm

The Centre makes rules but are they being implemented in Jammu and Kashmir, asks Modi

"Whether Article 370 has done anything good or bad should be discussed."

2.04 pm

Modi rakes up the names of Sarabjit Singh and Chamel Singh, both of whom were brutally assaulted and killed in Pakistani prison. He said the Centre is not bothered even when its own people are getting killed.

"The Centre is sleeping and it will continue to do so in 2014."

2.00 pm

"Was Jawaharlal Nehru right on Jammu and Kashmir or Shyama Prasad Mookerjee?"

Modi recalls names of Premlal Dogra, Maqbool Sherwani and various soldiers who fought against terrorists and enemies at the borders.

1.56 pm

"Hari Singh's good work was eclipsed by political motives."

1.53 pm

"I salute King Hari Singh. He was a social reformer. He worked for women education and Dalit uplift."

1.50 pm

"I have a very close relationship with Jammu & Kashmir. Someone gave me a 25 year old picture, refreshed old memories."

1.47 pm

Rajnath Singh concludes speech.

1.40 pm

"The opponent is trying to create a sense of fear about Narendra Modi. But the BJP will try to create a sense of confidence to win hearts."

"There were riots in Congress-ruled Gujarat and Assam in 1969 and 1983, respectively. Did Sonia Gandhi call the chief ministers of those states as merchants of death then?"

1.36 pm

"Why so many seats are lying vacant in the state?"

"The people of Jammu and kashmir should decide whether Article 370 of the Indian Constitution should be abolished."

1.34 pm

"How do we strengthen local democracy in India, I ask the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and the Congress."

Rajnath Singh takes on Centre over the killings of of sarpanches (panchayat officials) in Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists.

1.33 pm

"If China tries to take control of Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, then India will also try to do something similar in Tibet."

"PM Manmohan Singh is weak and he compromised with the Chinese," Rajnath said, adding that the Indian government did not take the domestic parties into confidence.

1.30 pm

Rajnath Singh tears into the Congress-led Centre over the Chinese and Pakistani intrusion into the Indian territory.

1.22 pm

"Kashmir will always remain an integral part of India."

"Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel would have handled the Jammu and Kashmir issue better."

Rajnath Singh speaks at rally.

1.20 pm

Jammu and Kashmir BJP president Shri Jugal Kishore Sharma concludes his speech.

1.05 pm

Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh arrive at Lalkaar Rally.

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