When Lakhvi fathered a child while in jail

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Islamabad, Dec 19: The extent of support that the Pakistan establishment handed out to Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi is evident in the fact that during his stint in jail he even managed to father a child. This is not a privilege that is handed out to a deadly terrorist accused of masterminding an attack that took the lives of 166 people on 26/11.


On November 29, 2012, India posed a question to Pakistan about Lakhvi having become a proud father. When he was arrested in 2009 for the 26/11 there was no mention of him being a father of a new born child. However, in the year 2010. while he was still in jail, he announced the good news to several of his accomplices including Abu Jundal.

India's question:

Following the proof that India got about, Lakhvi the supreme commander of the Lashkar fathering a child while in jail, a question was posed to the Pakistani establishment about the same. Till date, there has been no response what so ever.

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Moreover, India also confronted Pakistan with more proof about him being meted out privileges while in jail which included orderlies and also a television set and communication access. None of these questions have got an answer as yet.

Pakistan found him so important and chose to dole out goodies to him including an alleged conjugal visit only goes on to show what sort of high esteem he is held in. In the backdrop of this it is not too surprising that he has been granted bail on a very silly condition that there was not enough evidence.

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When Abu Jundal blurted the truth:

Anu Jundal who was arrested two years back was one of the most important catches for India. Unlike the remote controlled foot solider like Kasab, he was the man who was in the know of things. Right from tutoring the terrorists in Hindi, which they were meant to use in India to look like locals, he was also part of that deadly control room which mercilessly gave orders on how to kill Indians.

During his questioning by the National Investigating Agency, he was asked about the relationship he shared with Lakhvi. To this he said despite him being in jail, he would contact him. Jundal said, " he was in the Adiala jail and it was in the year 2010 he decided to call me. He sounded very happy that day and told me that he had become a father. My youngest wife was allowed into jail by the way of a special arrangement and the jail authorities had given me conjugal rights. I congratulated him, " Jundal also said.

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Was he ever in jail?

There are various questions that have been posed by India. Based on the reports that the Indian agencies have collected and also corroborating them with the intelligence provided by other countries, it appears as though he was not inside jail all the time. He was allowed to move around freely under supervision and enjoyed all the privileges that a terrorist ought not to enjoy.

It is surprising that he was allowed all this considering the fact that so much evidence was handed out. Even the United States of America finding him guilty in the 26/11 case was of no consequence to the Pakistanis. It appears that he was placed under arrest only with an intention of protecting him from a possible assault, Indian agencies say.

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