Lakhvi's bail: How much more evidence does Pakistan need?

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Every dossier pieced with a herculean effort by the Indian agencies was not even considered by Pakistan and this reflects very clearly as the court granted bail to Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi. The court was clear when it said that the prosecution had failed to provide any evidence.

How much evidence does Pakistan need?

Dossiers in the dust

Since the attacks of 26/11 took place Pakistan has been quick to ask for evidence. India has done it's best to provide all possible evidence right from day one. Several dossiers which were not just written for the heck of it were provided. There were extremely crucial details in it which included interrogation reports, eye witness accounts, recorded conversations among others.

Further when India asked Pakistan for the voice samples they simply refused. However India facilitated a visit by its investigators who were permitted to question the witnesses the investigating officer and also the judge who heard the case.

David Headley on Lakhvi

If Pakistan had the audacity not to consider the evidence given by India then they did not bother to take into account the FBI files too. The FBI files which have the David Headley story makes enough and more mentions about Lakhvi.

It details the conversations that Headley had with Lakhvi. Further there is also ample proof given in the F‎BI case about the meetings that Headley had with Lakhvi during the run up to the attack.

Jundal's confession

Abu Jundal was the Hindi tutor for the ten terrorists. He was present in the control room when the attack took place. Jundal is a classic eye witness to what role Lakhvi played in the attack. He confirmed that Lakhvi was present all through the training and also at the control room personally overseeing the attack while guiding the terrorists.

Jundal's statements were later tallied with the one which Kasab had made and once they were found to be similar further evidence was sent to Pakistan which clearly was not considered.

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