We will ignore Iraq crisis at our own peril, British PM tells House

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London, June 19: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday warned against ignoring the snowballing crisis in Iraq for the same Islamist jihadists are also planning to attack the UK.

He said it would be a big mistake to overlook the Iraq problem as one which has nothing to do with the UK. Cameron said the UK should involve itself in trying to stabilize the regimes in Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and Mali or else, the terrorist resurgence and related problems would hit the UK at its home. The prime minister was addressing the House of Commons when he said this.

Cameron, who spoke after Labour leader Ed Miliband sought an explanation on the government's response to the turmoil, also said that direct intervention by the west was not the only option for it could lead to bad consequences.

Cameron said those who are destabilising Iraq will hit UK in its own house

He said the people in the Islamist regime in Iraq who are trying to snatch territory are also targeting the UK in its own territory and hence one needed to be "long-term, hard-headed, patient and intelligent with the interventions" that it decides. The British prime minister also added that the it is important to make sure that these governments represent the people who live in those lands and reduce ungoverned territories and remove backing for the militants.

Cameron said the Iraqi government needed to be more inclusive in its approach towards the Shia, Sunni and Kurd population to live in the country, something United Nations General-Secretary Ban ki-Moon said a couple of days ago. The British PM also announced an increase in the humanitarian aid budget for Iraq by 2 million pounds.

On the issue of the UK deciding to reopen its embassy in Tehran [read here], the capital of Iran, the Labour leadership supported the decision but warned that Tehran has proved in the past that it doesn't an inclusive and democratic state in Iraq. Diplomatic relations between the UK and Iran were suspended following the attack on the former's embassy in Tehran in 2011.

Miliband also urged Cameron to speak to other nations in West Asia to ensure that they were not adding fuel to the crisis.

The government in Iraq has reportedly accused Saudi Arabia for backing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Sunni outfit which is wreaking havoc in Iraq and threatening to dismember it. The British PM promised of taking a consistent approach to the nations of the region.

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