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US Elections 2020: This is about good vs evil say Trump supporters

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Washington, Oct 16: The 2020 presidential elections has emerged as a choice between good and evil policies, supporters of President Donald Trump in this city of North Carolina, a battleground state, believe.

US Elections 2020: This is about good vs evil say Trump supporters

As thousands of Trump supporters gathered at the Pitt-Greenville airport in North Carolina to see and listen to the Republican leader, his first election rally in the state after his coronavirus infection, a large number of them listed his stand on abortion, religious liberty, right to own a gun, illegal immigration and health care as some of the key reasons to support the president in his re-election bid.

"We have good policies, and we have evil policies. This is the choice we have this year," Brandi Kraus, a part time accountant and a fulltime stay-at-home mother, told PTI as she described the position of the Democratic party on abortion as a classical example of evil policy.

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has supported repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prevents Medicaid coverage of abortion. His running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, has been a staunch defender of abortion rights.

"This is intentional termination of human life. The Republican Party in contrast stands on the sanctity that is the innate value given by God to every single human life," said Kraus, who drove for about an hour-and-a-half miles on Thursday morning to arrive at this local airport, some 90 miles away from her hometown in North Carolina.

Her younger sister, who accompanied her to the Trump''s election rally, was wearing a blue T-shirt with the slogan ''Board the Trump Train''.

"President Trump is not afraid to love America, more than any other country in the world. For the last 20 years we have had presidents. While we should be concerned about the entire world as being the world leader, (others) have seemed to put the ideas, the philosophies and the wellbeing of all other countries, equal to America," she said, explaining as to why Trump is popular

"That''s preposterous," said Kraus. "I would never expect an Indian leader, a British leader or a leader from a South American country to put the wellbeing of the United States at the same level as their own country. I am so thankful that President Trump understands that his job is to make and keep America great," she said.

Kraus said Trump is for religious liberty and that is the foundation of America''s religious freedom.

Trump in his address to the rally raise the issue of religious liberty.

"We will uphold religious liberty, free speech," Trump said.

He also said that his administration will uphold the right to keep arms.

Senior citizen David, a local real estate agent, said his gun rights are going to be safe under Trump.

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"Tomorrow, I am going hunting. There is no way that I am going to agree to give up my guns," said David, who drove for more than two-and-a-half-hour to listen to the over a hour-long speech of the president.

"No matter who wins or loses, we have to support a president who is protecting our gun rights," said David, who also expressed concerns about a rise in taxes if Biden wins the November 3 presidential elections.

David said under Trump, America is going in the right direction.

"This election is basically a fight of good versus evil," he asserted, as he listed the Democrats position on abortions as an example of evil.

Under Biden, the US would become a socialist nation, David feared and alleged that Obamacare has increased his health bills. "This needs to be fixed by President Trump," he said.

Meanwhile, both Kraus and her sister took issue with those who believe that Trump is not popular among women. A significantly large number of women in his rally on Thursday were women.

Trump is popular among women and he "value women", Kraus said.
Agreed Brittany, who drove about 90 miles along with her three kids, including a teenager, to attend the Trump rally.

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On the issue of coronavirus-induced lockdown, Brittany said she and people like her are supporting Trump because a presidency of Biden would result in perpetual lockdown.

"I want schools to open. I want these kids to go to their schools," she said, adding that she asked her kids to skip the online classes today or do it in the car while driving to the venue so that they can attend the Trump rally.

Responding to a question on Trump's performance in his first term, she said it is a mixed bag.

Young Johnson was at the Trump rally with his girlfriend.

"I am supporting Trump because he is against illegal immigration. They come and take our jobs. I want people to come to the US legally, not by illegally crossing the border," he said, adding that he is voting this time for the president because of his strong stand on illegal immigration.

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    Among his wish list for the President Trump in his second term, he said: "I think it''d be awesome if he legalises marijuana."

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