UK: Live show featuring couples having sex in a box!

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London, Sept 24: In a bizarre concept, a new television show is all set to feature couples having sex in a sound-proof, opaque box in a studio, complete with an audience, in an attempt to 'reclaim sex from pornography'.

According to reports, the show called sex box will come at Channel 4 and is intended to reclaim sex from pornography, three couples, two straight and one gay, will be interviewed on their sex lives by a panel of experts after they emerge from the box.

The 50-year-old show host Mariella Frostrup told a UK publication that she hoped the show would spark a "mature, intelligent discussion about sex in Britain today".

She said that the sex we see on screen, in magazines and increasingly online bears little relation to the real experiences of real people, but this will be a frank conversation about an essential element in all our lives.

Channel 4 has clarified that no intercourse or nudity would be seen in the programme.

Mariella Frostrup is a well-known journalist and a TV presenter. Channel 4 has earlier broadcasted shows with sexual content.

The panel of experts will include relationship adviser Tracey Cox, sex columnist Dan Savage and author Phillip Hodson. The hour-long show, that is a part of "Campaign For Real Sex" will be aired from September 30.

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