The 'Rise of the Phoenix' or a new 'World Trade Center'?

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USA: New World Trade Center on the rise
Washington, Sept 11: Olivia Burgess's 'Rise of the Phoenix' has nothing to do with the World Trade Center, but ask Americans whether they find anything similar between them and pat comes the answer.

They had lost thousands of lives, along with their prized possession-the World Trade Center-in a terror attack 12 years ago, but the same place 12 years later has a taller and more resplendent building complex-the new WTC. What is it, if not the 'Rise of the Phoenix' from the ashes?

The World Trade Center was attacked by Islamist Terrorist at 8:46:40 a.m.

No, it is not ready yet, barring the tallest one 'The Freedom Tower', which is close to completion. Soaring at a symbolic 1,776 feet, the structure is nearly complete and is only 2 years away from the date of completion. What remained as a vacant spot and a den of soar memories from the past, has now turned into a ray of hope for the citizens, a symbol of reinstated strength and development.

"This is a tribute to the ones who lost their lives here," said one of the state officials.

'Freedom' looms high

Highest among all the towers planned to be built at the cite of the WTC, the Freedom Tower or the 1 World Trade Center has a towering presence in lower Manhattan. The 102-story, glass and steel building will feature 3 million square feet of office space on 71 floors and an observation deck high up in the sky. It would be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

The 2 World Trade Center's completion is yet to be determined, but is planned to be the second tallest skyscraper on site. It will contain five levels of retail, four trading floors and 60 office floors.

3 World Trade Center: It is estimated to be completed by 2016. The 80-story tower will have 2.8 million square feet of space, including five levels of retail.

4 World Trade Center: To be completed by November 2013, it will have a height of 977 feet from street level, the 72-story tower is at the initial stages of construction.

National September 11 Memorial Museum: Due to be opened to the public next year, the 110,000 square feet sprawling exhibition space is likely to feature an array of artifacts, which include the 70-foot tall columns that rose from the north tower, a battered staircase used by survivors and the T-shaped steel column and crossbeam known as the "World Trade Center cross."

Estimated to be $11 billion worth in 2008, the price tag is projected to be approximately $15 billion now. However, the construction work has been delayed due to rising prices, warring authorities and a hit on the local business. Nevertheless, the people across the world await its arrival eagerly.

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