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Saudi crown prince compares Iran supreme leader with Hitler; backs Israel’s right to land

By Shubham

The reformist Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman expressed in a recent interview his viewpoints that aligned with Israel and disapproved of regional for Iran to clear the fault lines in the politics of West Asia.

Mohammed bin Salman

Salman took a strong dig at Iran in his interview to The Atlantic, saying the country's Supreme Leader is the first side of a "triangle of evil" - the other two being the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State. Salman's analogy reminded of former US president George W Bush's "axis of evil" theory which called Iran, along with Iraq and North Korea, as members of the satan's club. The Saudi crown prince also called Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the "Hitler of Middle East" who headed a regime that aimed to spread "extremist Shiite ideology".

He warned that if Tehran was not stopped, the hidden Imam would come back to rule the entire world from Iran and even spread Islam to America.

Salman lambasted the Muslim Brotherhood saying it wanted to make use of democracy to rule countries and build shadow caliphates all over and also terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS that he opined wanted to do everything by force.

Backs Israel

Salman during the interview sided with Israel, a big regional foe to Iran, saying he had no reason to protest Israel's right to survival in religious terms. His only concern was about the security of the holy mosque in Jerusalem and the rights of the Palestinian people. He said both sides had rights to have their own land and the international community needed to have a peace agreement to give a chance to stability for everybody.

"Wahhabism never existed in Saudi Arabia"

Salman also said that Wahhabism, a fundamentalist strand of Islam, had ever existed in his country but only Sunni and Shia Islams. He also said that the Shiites in Saudi Arabia, a Sunni-dominated country, held many important positions in the government and society.

The Saudi crown prince, who recently lifted the ban on women driving in the kingdom and is working to overhaul the country's economy and society, said his country is a member of a group of moderate Muslim countries that include Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE and have their founding principles based on those of the UN and at odds with the ones that make up the members of the "evil triangle".

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